New World Water Chapman University, 2010


Ryan Driscoll, Alexander Carroll, Jennifer O'Kain, and Jason Jennings


In a post-apocalyptic world where natural sources of water have dried up and people live a meager existence, a large utility company has assumed control of a small valley community. Maintaining its power by controlling the reclamation system that provides the valley’s only useable drinking water, New World Water holds sway with an iron fist.

When one of the company’s engineers, Perry Talbot, is found violating the long standing company quarantine, he is arrested and held for the murder of his lover, Lila Irving, a high-ranking scientist and board member who disappeared with him a month earlier.

As the investigation progresses, however, Sybella Moss, the company's lead interrogator, soon begins to realize that the mystery goes far deeper than Lila's death, and the answers might shake the company and her own beliefs to the core.

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