United States

1. In 1776 United States was formed after originally being Thirteen Colonies belonging to Britain. The United States was officially recognized as a country through the Treaty of Paris 1783. In the 19th and 20th Century, 37 states have been added, making the United States comprised of 50 states.

2. The population of the United States is 323,995,528. The country comparison to the world (world ranking) for the United States is 4th.

3. The economy of the United States can be described as a capitalist economy, which means that businesses own the production of goods. The GDP World Ranking of the United States is 2nd (China 1st).

4. The unemployment rate is 4.7%, which is ranked 48th in the world.

5. The leading industries in the United States deal with petroleum, steel, motorized vehicles, aerospace, and electronics.

6. The U.S Government is categorized as a constitutional federal republic, NOT a democracy. A federal republic government is divided between two levels of independent sovereignty, the national government and the states. This is a form of democracy, but not literally democracy.

7. The Capitol of the United States is Washington, D.C.

8. The divisions of the government in order are federal, state, county, and township.

9. The United States declared independence from Britain on July 4th, 1776.

10. The United States Constitution has 27 Amendments and can be described as "the supreme law of the land".

11. The United States legal system is broken up into 3 major branches: The Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Branch. There are subsections under each of these branches and the U.S makes it a point to not have one branch be stronger than another.

12. The minimum voting age for all citizens of the United States is 18 years old.

13. The Executive Branch contains the President position, where an election is held every four years. The President gets to choose ("hand pick") their cabinet members, they do not have to be elected. If the President was to become ill and/or die, the power would then be transferred to the Vice President.

14. The Legislative Branch contains the House of Representatives and the Senate, who propose bills and make laws. The representatives elected into the House serve a two year term and the representatives elected to the Senate serve a 6 year term.

15. The Judicial Branch contains the District Courts, Court of Appeals, and the Supreme Court. Few cases reach the Supreme Court and if they do they must be of high importance. Judges appointed to the Supreme Court serve a life term.

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