Pink Fairy Armadillo By: Anna Espy and Lauren Somerhalder

Pink Fairy Armadillos eat ants.
They live in dry grass lands and sandy plains.

The population of pink fairy armadillos lived in the sandy plains of Argentina and emigrated out to a new habitat. They immigrated to the grasslands because the resource of ants was greater. The mass amounts of ants allow the Armadillos to reproduce more because it lengthens their life span and lets them reproduce more and longer.

After prospering for many years the Pink Fairy Armadillo population contracted a deadly disease they killed of a lot of there population.

This graph represents the population crash of the Pink Fairy Armadillo. It shows there crash when half of the population contracts a deadly disease that wipes out half of them. But as the living armadillos reproduce a genetic mutation occurs which helps fight the disease.

Another density dependent limiting factor is there predators, Domestic dogs, cats and wild boars who feed on them. People living close to these animals putt them at risk for being eaten by domesticated animals. Another density independent limiting factor was a flood. When the Armadillos fur gets wet they cannot thermoregulate normally and tend to get hypothermia at night and die.


Created with images by Makuahine Pa'i Ki'i - "Washington DC--October 18 2007--Museum of Natural History--Pink Fairy Armadillo" • RaphaelaFotografie - "ants anthill ant hill" • AigarsR - "Land of Teletubbies"

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