What is Good Food? Claim: Factory made food is bad for you

Poultry, like chickens, are raised with chemicals that fatten them up, and in the facilities they are raised in, disease is very common to happen to large numbers of them and instead of throwing them out, they are still butchered and sold to local food markets.
In recent years, most factory made food is being recalled back due to contamination
The reason why most factory made meat is sold cheaply is because they have reduced quality, nutritional value and safety to consumers, which in the long run causes widespread meat related diseases
Many animals raised in factory facilities are fed CAFOs which is basically feces and dead animals, which lead to animal diseases, to counter that operators pump hormones and antibiotics into the animals.
Feces from these animals are often dumped into rivers or fed to the animals
Most feed given to factory animals that doesn't involve feces and dead rodents is extremely toxic to humans
Many salmonella cases could've been prevented if the factory animals were fed natural food, like grass, and not performance enhancing chemicals
The factories that make artificial food contaminate nearby water reserves, like rivers, wells, lakes, and ground water, with Nitrites, that end up killing hundreds of animals, like humans
These factories contribute a big chunk to fish deaths, due to them pouring animal waste into the waterways
Studies show that factory made food has significantly less nutrients than normal grown food


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