Dakota Access Pipeline By: Luis Jiminian

The US Department of energy should focus on using the researches and time to develop better material for the Dakota Access Pipeline. The company should address the pipeline issues at the construction site because we have thousands of people protesting. The Standing Rock Sioux tribe are worried that the oil is a treat to their reservation water. We need to develop a better material to make sure that their water is not contaminate because if something were to happen to the Native Americans reservation water, it will affect the stakeholders.

The pipeline is only one mile away from their land and my recommendation is to drill at least five or more miles away. Also, if we dedicate our time to create a material that makes it 99% impossible to leak oil to environment, people would feel more protected. Let's make the Standing Rock Sioux tribe happy by moving few miles away and developing better material. Getting the government to vote in our favor to drill will not help the company and the company in the long run. Going around the people and affecting the nature can affect the stakeholders stocks. Many people in the country will be mad at the simple fact that we don't care about nature and the people of Dakota. This issues can decrease the company stocks big time because the demand of people interesting in our company will drop.

The first move the company should take to gain people favor is to remove all machineries from the site. That's going to give a positive impact in the Native Americans tribe community. The communication can open up more in between our the department of energy and the people. The next step is to inform people that we are aware of their concern and that we want to work together to benefit all the citizens. The US department of energy is investing time and money to develop supreme material to ensure that the environment is not affected by the oil. The company is trying to drill the pipeline few miles more away from their land but most important the development of new material. As a US department of Energy we want to provide energy to the country, but is more important to the company to take care of out land.

The future of our children depend on the clean water supplied more than fossil fuel to generate energy. Humans and plants can't survive without water, and we should do something ensure a bright future for our citizens. We can save so many people lives by investing time to develop better pipeline material, and come up with a better solution to keep the ground safe. Drilling and fracking is very dangerous as we all know. The Dakota pipeline will "carry approximately 500,000 barrels of crude oil through four states to reach its destination." The pipeline need to be one hundred percent reliable to the cruel oil destination because one accident can be very catastrophic to the water supplied and the company future. It only takes one accident to hurt the company to the point that the stocks value are not worth much. The future of our stakeholder are in our hands and the children's future.

The US Department of Energy stocks can be affected if the company don't take any action in regard the Dakota Pipeline project. The company most focus the time and energy to develop better material and plan for the Dakota project. The government might be on our side but the people will not be if we don't take care of our Dakota communities. If US citizens loss respect in what our company do for them, our stakeholders will loss money once the stocks decrease dramatically. Standing Rock Sioux tribe should be our main priority at this point time, because they don't agreed with us and they need to be persuaded by our good auctions. Let's take care of the ground, water, and natural as an overall.







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