Use of Media in Civil Rights BY: demarco gavins

The use of media in african american rights was very helpful to earn equality. In 1963, groups in Birmingham Alabama, started up Birmingham Campaign using the media to win their march on segregation. This had a big impact on the Civil Rights Movement because the media seen how violent white supremacist were to african american people.

Leaders during the Birmingham Campaign, were Martin Luther King JR. and other Alabama Civil Right leaders. They helped inspire people to march through the city of Birmingham and stay strong when they were getting attacked by Anti-Civil right followers. Many were locked up after the violent march, including MLK who wrote a letter to the city while he was detained in jail.

There were many obstacles that took place in the Birmingham march. The ones that made these obstacles were the people against the african american march for equality. It was so violent that they had no hesitation to attack african american children and adults with fire hoses, police dogs, and the angry crowd.

Using the media in the Birmingham Campaign helped get a lot of attention to the city. This had everyone startled when they seen white people attacking african americans. Especially when they seen them using fire hoses and dogs to attack the marchers. This later on helped them move forward into Washington to get the Civil Rights Act signed.

Still to this day, many civil right movements use this tactic to fight for their freedom. One movement that many know is the Black Lives Matter. The started up this movement when black people were getting gunned down by police for no reason. They sometimes get the videos off of phones and put them on the social media, but most of the time you see them marching through cities.

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