Big Bang Theory Leslie aleman

Red Shift

The Red Shift is galaxies that move away from us. When they move from they cause Red Shift.

Cosmic Microwave Background (Background Radiation)

Background Radiation is noise radiation ( static ) that is evenly spread across space. C.O.B.E satellite confirmed that it is evenly spread.

Elements in the Universe

The universe cooled down and that's when some elements were created, such as hydrogen and helium which are the most abundant elements in the universe.

Galactic Evolution

Main alternative to the Big Bang Theory of the universe is called Steady State Theory which in the universe does not change very much within time.

Models of the Atom
Dalton's postulates

His atomic theory was that matter is composed of very tiny particles.

Cathode ray tube
Rutherford's gold foil experiment

This experiment was a radioactive element that emitted alpha particles which was directed toward a thin sheet of gold foil that was surrounded by a screen which would allow detection of the deflated particles.

Bohr Model

The Bohr model has a positive charge and electrons orbiting around it.


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