Dance II is a performance based class that is offered Junior and Senior year. The components of ballet, jazz, hip hop, modern and choreography are taken to a more advanced level in Dance II. Students will use more of their own choreography in each unit, with culminating performances at the end of each unit. Below you will find a variety of pictures from the Dance 2 Showcase. Prerequisite: Dance 1


Strength & Conditioning: Students will learn the function, location, and the proper means to develop various muscle groups in order to improve their overall fitness level. Students will learn and develop various cardiovascular training methods through the use of aerobic machines and other facilities in order to improve cardiovascular performance. Proper safety, technique, and application of current principles of strength training and cardiovascular performance will be emphasized.

Physical Education Opportunity Program for the Exceptional Learner (PEOPEL Program)

PEOPEL & PEOPEL Tutors: PEOPEL (Physical Education Opportunity Program for the Exceptional Learner) is an inclusive class that partners PEOPEL Tutors with students who have special needs. The classes offer a variety of sports and lifelong fitness activities that focus on individual skills and abilities. Individual needs of physical therapy related exercises are also addressed.

Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project www.glsrp.org talks to the student body about water safety and the dangers of rip currents.


SPORTS MEDICINE 1 & 2: Students will study anatomy, physiology, mechanisms of injury evaluation, and rehabilitation of the athletic population. This course is appropriate for those students interested in Athletic Training. Physicians Assistant, Paramedic, and Emergency Medicine Technician or is interested in sports or sports injuries. Students may be required to assist the Athletic Trainer during the semester.


LTM Foundation spoke to Health classes about drug prevention. LTM believes that education and awareness is the key to stopping this epidemic that has tragically taken the lives of so many young people. Prevention programs, designed to address risk-factors, improve drug resistance skills, and reinforcement of anti-drug attitudes are important to helping raise awareness of the danger of opioids and drugs.

Health Education: Students will learn through varied learning experiences about their physical, emotional, mental, and social self which will assist them in making appropriate decisions about their health and well-being.

District 230 Health Education curriculum writing is in progress with members from Andrew, Stagg, and Sandburg High Schools. The members of the writing team have developed scope and sequence to ensure a guaranteed and viable curriculum. A district wide common summative assessment has been developed and instructors are utilizing PLC time to analyze data points.

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