What to Get at Trader Joe's By Jamison Davis

Being a food columnist, I've learned to start looking on other food blogs for inspiration on what to write next. Through my research, one major trend that I found was Trader Joe's and what to buy there. My family happens to frequent Trader Joe's a lot, so I figured that it would be perfect to share our favorite products that we just have to buy every time we go.

Scandinavian Swimmers Gummies. Okay, so there's actually two different variations of these: the regular kind and the sour kind, both of which are in my pantry as I'm typing this. I'm a sucker for anything sour, so those ones, specifically, are my favorite, but I think that the best part is the fact that they're shaped like marine animals! I don't know what it is, but the shapes make these gummies ten times better. They're definitely worth picking up on your next Trader Joe's trip, but I might say that a lot on this week's column.

Movie Theater Popcorn. This is a really big favorite between my mom and I, mainly because it really does taste like popcorn you would get at the movie theater! This was my first ever item I bought at Trader Joe's and as you can see, I haven't regretted my decision. Honestly, it tastes way better than actual movie theater popcorn, but that could also be because there's less butter and salt in Trader Joe's version, so it's somewhat healthy, right? Just try really hard to not eat the whole bag before the previews end (even though it's good enough to!).

Three Layer Hummus. This is another one of my mom's favorites, but I tried it very recently, just because I've always liked hummus since I was younger, and I wanted to give it a try. Made from traditional, cilantro-jalapeno, and spicy hummus, it's a little more spicy than I would like for my taste, but if you are all-in for spicy, this hummus is definitely for you. It's definitely more interesting and has more depth of flavor than the Sabra hummus that I'm used to, but I think that comes from the unique combination of flavors. I've also seen that Trader Joe's has other types of hummus besides this one, so might have to try the rest of them soon.

Ice Cream Sandwiches. Now, I've tried quite a few varieties of Trader Joe's ice cream sandwiches, but the house favorite seems to be their Sublime Ice Cream Sandwiches: vanilla ice cream, sandwiched between two chocolate chip cookies, and rolled in mini chocolate chips. Honestly, words can't explain how much I love these little sandwiches, and I don't usually say that about food. I know it's barely spring, but if summer bodies are made in the winter, can summer food be too?

But seriously, I think Trader Joe's has some seriously underrated finds for low prices worth checking out. If you find something not on this list that definitely deserves to be, drop us a line at WKHSMedia on all social platforms and maybe I'll make a Part Two! Have fun and Happy Eating Kilbourne!