A Tour Through Jerusalem By: Ashley oliva

The Old City of Jerusalem was divided into four quarters. The Jewish, Muslim, Armenian, and the Christian Quarter.
The Jewish Quarter is located West of the Western Wall. There is more than 1,000 families. The Jewish Quarter had to be rebuilt because of the "Six Day War" in 1967 that left the Jewish Quarter in destruction.
The Muslim Quarter is the most over populated of the four quarters. It is located by the Via Dolorosa and the Temple Mount.
The Armenian Quarter declared its nation as a Christian Nation. This Quarter is located on top of Mount Zion .
The Christian Quarter is most visited from the four. This is because their quarter includes the site of Jesus' Death, Burial , and Resurrection. This place is surrounded with churches and Holy Sites.

In Jerusalem it could take two days to travel all four quarters . To get to each quarter in Jerusalem we could travel by bus and then tour the quarter by foot. All the buildings, Holy Sites, and shops are so close to each other that it would be easy to just walk. The Quarters aren't as spacious every building is right next to the other. Day One we would visit the Jewish Quarter and the Muslim Quarter, Day Two we visit the Armenian Quarter and Christian Quarter. Each site are beautiful and meaningful to the people. It is a great opportunity to come and explore Jerusalem's Beautiful and historical sites.


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