USA's Anti-Vietnam War Movement By: Eric bialas


The Anti-Vietnam Movemnent Began in USA shorty after the United States joined the Vietnam War

Map of United States

This movement happened during the Vietnam War (1955-1975) because people did not want to be involved.

People resisting the draft by protesting in the streets

Mainly American citizens were against the involvement in the Vietnam War

People protesting to get their friends and families home

People would participate in teach-ins and such protests to try and get the troops out of Vietnam


This all started with the Gulf of Tonkin incident, where a battleship got "attacked" by two ships but it ended up being a false alarm. The USA started bombing and eventually got involved in the war where people did not want too.

USA bombing Vietnam

But, All of this protesting was for the better because it worked! The United States withdrew from the Vietnam War in January of 1973 and the war ended two years later in 1975.

Troop finally coming home from Vietnam with people excited to see him alive and home safely

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