The Viking society was a very unique and independent society. They had their own beliefs and religion. Women defiantly had more rights compared to other areas of Europe during the medieval times. Women were usually at home looking after the children, making warm clothes from wool they had spun, doing jobs on the farm if their husband were at battle, fetching water in the morning so it will last for the day and caring for the sick, using herbs and magic charms to cure them. Women did not have a lot of spare time because they had so much to do on a daily routine.

The Viking women were starting to be treated more equally compared to other areas in the medieval times. Women could obtain a divorce if they weren't happy in their marriage. They would also be able to claim half of what they owned with their husband.

Although women could get divorced, they wanted their marriages to work so they would pray to Frey, the God of fertility and love.

After a divorce babies and toddlers automatically stayed with their mother. The older children were divided between the parents depending on their wealth and status of the two families.

Womens equalities improved but the one place they were not welcome was at the public assembly. Public assemblies were a bit like court and the law system in Australia. Issues discussed there were over poverty, marriage and divorces and also to decide if criminals were guilty or innocent. The leaders of the assembly decided on what they thought about these situations and then a final decision was made. A women had no right to speak at the assembly. Neither were they allowed to go to battle as they had jobs and responsibilities to do at their home.

The Viking lands were located in the North, which had a very cold climate, this meant that they had to wear warm, long clothes. Women would spin their own wool and then make clothes for herself and her family. On a daily basis women wore full length, long sleeved tunics with long pinafores over the top. These clothes were comfortable which made it easier for them to do jobs. Richer women wore the same style of clothing, but they were made with a better quality fabric. When a female died they were buried in their best clothes and beautiful treasures that they had owned.

This is a Viking women making something but I'm not to sure what she is making.

Viking Women played a huge role in the Viking society. While the men were off doing their jobs the women had to take care of the farm. This was a very important job because if the crops that grew on the farm were dead then the Vikings wouldn't be able to trade with other people or have enough food for themselves. The Vikings were a very fierce culture and had their own beliefs. Women were just as tough and stubborn as the men were. This effected the society because women would stick up for their rights, which made them very self sufficient and independent women, who contributed immensely in their society.

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