Gold Why is it so IMPORTUNE for the world

We use this as money starts wars and kill millions just to get a litte Bit of gold

Gold we have it for lots of reason but without Threshold 3 the sun or the stars giving us new things too work with want the sun/stars was being made it left stuff for are planets and we are on earth the chemical that the sun/stars left us made gold and lots of new thing but gold was one of the bigger ones. The Goldilocks conditions are stars running out of hydrogen fuel with made them explode and the bigger stars that explode made gold the but the giant stars stop collapsing and made a supernova that we so big that it can make all of the elements in the periodic table.

This is what start gold and other bigger and smaller things.

Now gold did a lot more then be money it was part of wars and what stop wars and thing that where trade with gold to get food to get old things to the new world.

Gold got potatoes for those people what did it do for others

Threshold 1 we do not know too much on this one thing we know we were made possible. The big Bang was what start this all life life it now possible. At first you could not know the different from matter and energy but right after the bang energy move into different this like Gravity matter went into protons and neutrons. Making gold and life and other thing out there possible and thing we do not know right now were made by the big bang. The Goldilocks conditions we can only speculate what they are.

We do not know much on threshold 1
oops this is not the right thing
This is the one
Without this we not have stars to make gold or anything we have too day like the computer I on right now.

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