Rosso Fiorentino

Born on March 8, 1495, Florence, Italy

Spent most of his life in Paris, France.

Trained in Andrea del Sarto and First School of Fontainebleau.

His lifestyle consisted of regular painting, however he was also very depressed and committed suicide in 1540.

He was an artist, he created "The Dead Christ with Angels", "Death of Cleopatra", and "Putto che suona".

His most notable patron was Francis I.

His paintings embraced emotionalism as his paintings made you feel emotions like love and sorrow. His paintings also embraced classicism because they had a high regard to the classical period.

Fiorentino, Rosso. Pietà. 1535, oil on canvas, Musée du Louvre, Paris.

The name of the piece is Pietà.

The piece was created from 1530 to 1535.

You may see it in the Louvre in Paris, France.

The painting was revolutionary in showing specific skin details.

The piece shows a wounded man after a bloody battle. Angel-like figures are trying to heal the man back to health. His wife watches traumatized as she prays for her husband to survive.

Emotionalism is the Renaissance ideal that this artwork demonstrates. When we look at this art, all we can see is sadness.

This piece is interesting because it makes you wonder if this artwork was about his own life during the sacking of Rome in 1523.

You may see a picture of this on a fabulous website called Artstor!

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