Minutes 1.23 Regan Cobb

Convocation given by Senator Crosland.

Roll taken by Secretary Cobb.

Senators Reinker, Schneider, Fretwurst, Hutchinson, and Albert found absent.

Presentation given by Kristen Dean

  • The Problem: Cost (rising at 3x the rate of inflation)
  • 65%-84% Clemson students report not buying the required texts
  • 35%-50% of students take fewer classes each semester, delaying graduation
  • These materials are temporary
  • Textbook prices compromise access and equity (hit low-income students the hardest)
  • The Solution: Open Resources
  • Peer- reviewed and written by experts
  • Customizable by faculty and students
  • Freely and instantly available online, without expiring
  • Licensed under legally robust Creative Commons
  • Many universities and non-profits are paying for it
  • Many case studies supporting this
  • Faculty retain the freedom to choose course textbooks
  • Talk to faculty and #AskForOpen

MF: What is the relationship like between the bookstore and the library?

KD: We need to look at our contracts. Faculty has no obligation to the bookstore.

MM: Motion to open the gallery.

IK: Have you asked Pearson why their access expires?

D: It is intellectual property. It is under federal copyright law.

IK: Is there a possibility that there could be a book sale?

D: Yes. Lets talk about that.

MH: What is the relationship like with the professors? What could be done to fix the problem?

D: We do recognize that professors need to update syllabi. I’m not expecting a 100% success rate. The big problem is awareness. Having the conversation is the push.

BB: Are we allowed to endorse other alternatives?

KD: We do have a contract with Barnes and Noble. Look at contract.

PB: The kickback is something I’ve heard about.

KD: The bigger problem is that professors require textbooks that are written by the professors. Or offer money as well.

PB: Is there thought to allow students to print in Dothit hills?

KD: That’s an interesting point.

JM: Can you elaborate on the other institutions using this?

KD: It is fairly new, so I don’t have a lot of numbers for you. This is a growing movement.

JS: 93% benefit from this. What happens to the other 7%?

KD: In any study we can’t factor in other things.

JL: Universities sometimes pay for these. Is it possible that the university would create fees on students’ bills?

KD: This is not the point. No-profits are not making money off of this. This is for the human good.

JS: Is there any requirement for teachers to put their input on content? Instead of just reading the textbook?

KD: Teachers evaluations are taken seriously. Tell someone if you’re teacher is not teaching. The answer to your question is no.

Academic Affairs: Leland Dunwoodie

  • Shoutout
  • Perry Bolick
  • Major/Minor Fair
  • February 13
  • Shreya + Mar
  • Academic Videos
  • DIRS is back
  • Creative Inquiry
  • Tuesday 12:30pm
  • Cooper Library - Main Lobby
  • Ideas for AA
  • Ideas Form
  • Contact Info
  • 269-759-4768 | ldunwoo@g.clemson.edu

Athletics: Trevor Newton

  • Ticketing Updates
  • Postseason ticket confusion
  • Let me know if you never received a refund etc.
  • Meeting this week to discuss the changes for next football season
  • Campus Recreation Updates
  • Campus Rec looking to hire a GA to be a trainer for club sports ($12,000 for 9 months)
  • Clemson Marketing Committee
  • Calm before the Roar
  • We might be taking matters into our own paws
  • Athletic Dept. being somewhat unresponsive
  • March 1st vs. NC State looks to be the new date
  • 7-0 December
  • 0-7 in January…
  • Contact Info: Phone: (864)-508-6334
  • Email: trevorn@g.clemson.edu

Campus Life: Robert Lee Storey

  • Barber Shop Updates:
  • Working on parallel legislation with Graduate Student Government
  • Presenting to Almeda Jacks on Tuesday on why the Barber Shop should be relocated on campus
  • Touching base again with companies we met with last semester to encourage them to accept Tiger Stripe
  • Goal of meeting with new companies on a weekly basis
  • Dining Hall Hacks videos to come very soon.
  • Presenting them to Dining in our next meeting.
  • Input for Campus Life? Mention it here! http://goo.gl/forms/9iOUDqvkVn

Finance and Procedures: Lindsey Wright

  • Two pieces of legislation going through BOTH READS PLZ
  • Emma Schafer, the new Elections Director, is here for both bills. Don’t hesitate to ask her any questions you may have!
  • Elections Committee Appointments
  • Elections Bylaw Changes
  • Met with the Elections Director a few times over the past week, moving forward with new rules and the election process for the new term for Senate and Study Body Pres/VP
  • Miller, Rachel, and B will sit on as liaisons from F&P
  • If you have any elections related questions, please contact me first and then Emma. Her email is emmalis@g.clemson.edu
  • Spring budget hearings coming up as well: February 23, 24, 27, and 28th
  • Molly and John will sit in and work on legislation
  • Organizations Legislation bumped back by Campus Activities and Events and will go through next week! Waiting on further updates from the Organizations Committee
  • Partnering with Forrest, Study Body Treasurer on some bylaw legislation
  • Conor Kolstad, the CUSG Finance Director is coming to present next week
  • Beginning overhaul of handbook formatting/uniformity → Alexander taking the lead
  • CBBS meeting with Rachel: waiting to hear about availability with the new financial officers
  • Cole working with ASC and Career Center on financial preparedness for seniors
  • Has had multiple meetings and they are moving forward into the implementation process with Cole’s input
  • B and John working with OCES and the Attorney General on new disciplinary project
  • As always, hmu if you have any questions or just wanna chat (864) 421-5006 @lindseywrong

Health and Human Services: Jess Schnorr

  • Shoutout to my girl Lauren for becoming an Aspire facilitator!!
  • Peer Mental Health Support Group: Anna, writing project proposal
  • Collegiate Recovery Community: Jess, Janay, Lauren, BIG meeting next month
  • LGBTQIA+ Advocacy: Jacob, setting up Ally training opportunities
  • Minority Retention: Lauren and Madison, working on a mentorship program
  • Condoms in Residence Halls: CU soon
  • Party.0: Lauren, partnered with BYX this week!!! Becoming an org!!
  • CAFE and Quest for Real Food: Jacob, meeting with CAFE coordinator & RL
  • Sexual Trauma Advocates: Jordan, writing a resolution with Joey
  • Cancer Support Group: Kara, asked to gauge interest with email survey
  • Youth Violence Prevention Program: Janay, working with Michelle Lussier
  • Student Accessibility in Athletic Facilities: Jordan, pressing for a meeting this week
  • Mirror Stickers: Jess, in need of Healthy Campus’ blessing
  • #blessed for more Senate. hmu: 843.619.1555 // jschnor@g.clemson.edu // @yayyjesss // snapchat me: yayyjesss // be my guardian in Clem

Transportation and Facilities: Jacob McMeekin

  • Everyone is beginning to work on projects:
  • Constituency Report has over 100 responses so far!
  • Check out what we are doing: https://trello.com/b/Hmz4PCp1/transportation-and-facilities
  • Parking and Transportation:
  • Bike Share:
  • Expected to be up and running around Spring Break
  • Stations to be solar powered!
  • New commuter spots coming near Little John, expect email with announcement from parking services in the coming week or so
  • Working with Izzy on transit for Y Beach

University Services: Dory Askins

  • Canvas transition - hopefully yours has been smooth!
  • First ITSAB Meeting this week – “Calm Before The Roar” and TedX
  • Mar – Major/Minors Fair – February 13th
  • Perry – yield time - CI and iRoar Governance Board
  • Bryson – setting up meeting with Clemson Online and the ASC regarding Online SI, meeting with Chief Allen regarding NROTC, working with Lauren on Study Hours in the Valley
  • Mikey – Partnering with Healthy Campus for Food Summit, Feed and Seed Director is on board, potential food trucks from Greenville

Secretary: Regan Cobb

  • Baton
  • Meet the Senators
  • VCs: Keep updating points!!
  • Capital Improvement
  • Applications due Jan. 30th
  • Senate-Feburary 13th
  • Share graphic for me pretty please!!
  • Points Opportunities
  • Share Capital Improvement graphic (1)
  • From Kelly: (2)
  • I could use about 10-12 volunteers for Spring Tiger Prowl on Thursday in the North Green! The event runs from 12-3, but I could really use volunteers starting at 10:30 am because organizations start checking in at 11!
  • Below I have the sign in sheet, my committee members have already filled it out. Just add your name and email to the list & then highlight the boxes you'll be available for!
  • https://docs.google.com/a/g.clemson.edu/spreadsheets/d/19oMICl-j6gE48j0TG7bcQQ5fs0Eqt1agENVZY_F5Isc/edit?usp=sharing
  • New Senators
  • Look out for an email for committee placements yay!
  • Come see me after Senate :)
  • Having trouble with card access? Let me or Bryce know!
  • Interested in being the next me? Text me! 770-871-9311

Clerk: Steven Patrick


Pro Temp: Samuel Reinert

  • Ad hoc @Kung fu tonight!
  • Spring mentor/mentee program
  • Formal will be February 18, ticket sales starting soon
  • If you’re interested in Pro-Temp, let’s talk 864-934-6840

Student Body VP: Nicki Seidman

  • Working with Kara and CAPS to create a survey for cancer support groups
  • Spring Scene planning
  • CUSG Wide Meeting in which we also have the State of the University Address
  • Joey, AJ, and Emory are working on Values Statement Committee/Project
  • Keep the offices clean please! (from Chief of Staff Bryce)
  • Town Hall ideas? Let me know! 843-323-7900
  • We are starting to assign cabinet members projects to work on in order to complete our platform
  • We will be sending out an email to the student body to update them on our progress thus far
  • Elections...
  • Cabinet Updates:
  • Military Affairs: 22 for 22 on Library Bridge
  • Organizations: Spring Tiger Prowl this Thursday on the North Green from 12-3 with lots of interactive activities!
  • Share cover photo
  • Spring Recognition deadline is February 3rd for organizations that did not get recognized in the Fall
  • Judicial Branch: First General Body J Board Meeting is Tuesday at 6:00pm
  • Elections: Interest Meetings and legislation this week
  • Treasurer: Funding Board is Wednesday
  • schedule for funding board is on my.cusg.com
  • Governmental Affairs: Report Card presented in Columbia this past Wednesday
  • Activities: CUSG Banquet is potentially March 29th
  • Agricultural Affairs: Shag for Ag and Destination Clemson is a pre-orientation for CAFLS students
  • Development Committee: Spring Service Project
  • Research Committee: designing an archive system to digitize all records
  • Sustainability: Sustainability Education Week 2/20-2/24 and Recylcmania 2/5/17-4/30/17
  • Transfer Council: TigerPalooza on April 8th
  • CODA: just had a successful Tunnel of Oppression on Thursday

President: David Gundana

  • Academic grievance committee
  • 8 senates left with the last one being March 13th
  • Meeting with Altheia Richardson got pushed back
  • New Senators!

New Business

Bill No.33

KD: Suspend the rules and send this bill into second read.

BD: Objection.

BD: I move to make a friendly amendment to line 11.

Authors accept

KD: Suspend the rules and send this bill into second read.

LD (pro)

MM: Move to call Bill No.33 into question.

Bill passes

Bill No.34

To Amend the Student Body Handbook

Authors: Lindsey Wright and Emma Schafer

BB: Can you talk about where these rules come from?

LW: Those first 17 rules pertain to the top fifteen.

BB: Are these rules still up to date?

LW: We are in a time crunch this year. Last year there was a forum that allowed students to voice their opinions.

NS: How do you plan to keep track of budget?

LW: These items are accessed at fair market worth. It is up to the elections director digression.

KS: What would happen if these rules were violated?

LW: This is outlined in the bylaws, but Emma has an anonymous email as well?

MH: Will you elaborate on the need to pass this bill now?

LW: It has a lot to do with the transition taking places.

MR: I was wondering how money would affect freedom of speech?

LW: These rules will hold you to a higher standard.

MM: Motion to send Bill into 2nd read

AC: There is a strong correlation between money and free speech.

MM: This would of passed in October. All of these changes have not been simply brought up. We are not blind slighting. People were aware of this.

AC: Objection


Roll taken.

Senators Reinker, Fretwurst, and Lynn found absent.

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