Genna Cottini The Spirit within

The Frog

As the Natives Americans give spirit animals to everyone in the tribe some come quicker than others. One of the most animals that brings new life is the frog. The frog has been known as spring, communication and stability. The way that someone comes to earn the frog as a spirit animal is the most impressive and shows the most heart in a person. For someone to earn this spirit animal it will take a big sep in life. For more understanding of why the frog has got her story. Here is the story of the frog.

It all starts when a tiny egg is placed on a reed at Hyatt lake in Oregon. When she hatches the first thing she sees is an eagle feather floating on the lake above her. She ignores the fact that she is small and vulnerable and could possibly be eaten. When she gets to the top she is greeted by an elk and a bear.

“Hey there little guy. I am mamma bear and this is papa elk and welcome to this world.” said the bear. As the frog has just hatched, she has questions and wants to know everything that’s going on.

“What am I doing here? Why am I so small and you so big? Why are you out of the water? Will I be as big as you guys?”Asked the frog.

Papa elk laughs and they both walk away after stating that she will experience everything in a time to come. As the little frog starts to travel and explore the lake she swims into a lilypad; noticing that there is cover and warmth she stays around for awhile. She now has sprouted back legs and she tries to adventure onto the lilypad where she sees a butterfly. The butterfly is on the lilly basking her wings so they can dry from falling in the water. The frog sits and watches the movement of the wings in amazement. Occasionally she looks at her back wondering if she could be like her and have the beautiful look of wings as well but, when she looks back all she sees is a slimy tail and webbed feet.

Insecure about her looks the frog swims off frantically and upset. She stays away for awhile only talking to mama bear and papa elk about what her problem is. Then they tell the story of how the butterfly got to be like that. Mama bear starts with how she is your sister and she will always be there for you.

“The butterfly has gone through a lot over the years. She is a symbol of transformation and metamorphosis. She started out similarly to you, as an egg. She then turned into a caterpillar and hated how she looked and so she ate and run then went into a pupa and came out beautiful. She is now flying all over Oregon exploring new things and being part of the world.” The frog thought to herself, “I want to be like her.”

As the frog went on her way becoming a full frog able to breath on land and swim in the water she met a new wolf pup. He was ready to run and be out doing his things, compared to how the frog had to wait till she grew her legs to explore anything else but the lake. She notices that mama bear and papa elk are there greeting the wolf pup like they were when she was born. The frog hops over to greet the wolf and starts a conversation. They become closer than ever. Everyday consisted of being together and celebrating life with papa elk.

The wolf loved to run and howl, making his way known. Everyday the frog and the wolf made rounds to greet mama bear, papa elk, and the butterfly, if they were lucky enough to see her. They went on adventures after their greeting rounds. They went to the mountains and explored new ponds and creeks. They spent all the time they could together. Knowing that they are family, they went on hikes with papa elk to spend time in the mountains.Just as the elk and the wolf knew the land by heart, the frog knew the waters by heart.

As they were on an adventure one day the wolf searching the land banks and the frog checking the lake beds for anyone in need an eagle came by and snatched the frog out of the water for his lunch.

As the eagle flies away with the frog in his talens the frog croaks for her brother the wolf to save her. He howls frantically but no one can get to her intime. The eagle flies to his nest ready to eat his lunch the frog.

The frog cried out “please wait! Let me talk and help you find something better to eat then me.”

The eagle listens to her plea. “ I have a family back home we can work together and find food for you. I can help with the food in the water and my brother and papa can help with the food on the land.”

The eagle though for awhile then realized while looking into her eyes that she has so much more in life. He decided to let the frog go. As she was jumping her way down the tree she stopped to think “He let me go. Why?”. So she made her was back up the tree to the eagle. He is puzzled at first then realizes she has beautiful eyes and was happy she came back.

The frog spent a week in the tree before she realized she hadn’t told her parents and siblings that she was alive and doing well. The eagle carries the frog down to the lake see see her family around another bird. A heron to be exact. The frog jumps on the wolf in surprise and with great joy the wolf horses around with the frog till he remembers what the family was gathered for.

“Mama bear says this is the last one for our family. He’s a heron.” says the wolf with excitement.

“Hey! He could help me get to high places to meet up with the eagle. He spared me my life if I help him find food. Wolf, he is super nice just give him a chance” the frog pleaded.

“I know how he is. He is good for you and to be able to be air and water together would be great for the lake and with me, papa elk, and mama bear being the land we can keep the community safe and sound, free from all of the bad spirits” stated the wolf.

The frog is a very family oriented and communication spirit. Every time the frog meets someone new she get an imprint of that person on her. This is because of how she communicates with everyone and how once you get past the scared unknowing part of you become family to her. She will help anyone in need and will always be there for the supper of her friends, family, and teachers.

The Huntress Eva Shockey

For this project we read the book "the Outliers". After reading the book we looked at everyday people and how they can be an outlier. I chose to do my on Eva Shockey. She is a hunter from Canada and is married to Tim Brent who is a professional hockey player. They have recently welcomed a baby girl named Leni Bow after Eva Shockeys' grandpa. After reading the book and thinking of how they need 10,000 hour, be born at the right time, and also capitalizes on opportunity. Eva Started hunting at a young age with her father and hasn't stopped since. Show now has a signature bow, trigger, A book, and a co host part with her dad on "Jim Shockey's hunting adventure" on the outdoor channel.

"Favorite Baseball Team"

For this project we had to decide on a serve question and take the data based on the class. After getting the information we had to put the the numbers into a pie chart to see how the class of a whole voted. After geeing the sections I made it so the team logo was that section to show a little more of how the class voted.

The Family Shield

1: Family Name: Cottini

It comes from Italy and it does not have a translation for Cot but ini mean little. My family is anything but little. We are a big family growing of every second of the day. We are very religious and go to church every Sunday and on special holidays. We are very helpful when we go to church, for example, my brother is an altar server meaning he helps the priest with mass and I take the kids during the homily to teach them the homily in their level.

2: Crown:

My crown has a cross on the top to show that in my family we believe in one God. Inside the crown there is six points to represent each of my family members. My mom, dad, Sister Ashley, me, my brother Vinny, Gianni. In my family we go to church every Sunday and myself in particularly, I spend most of the week at my church. For me my Grandparents are very holy and strive to get the whole family to church. We love to do things as a family and be as one.

3: Top Supporter: Stag Antlers

My family is very strong. For example when we are suffering a loss of a family member we do not mourn but we pray and thank them for showing so many things in our lives. We are also very furniture with most everyone we meet. They are red because red means military strength and in my family on both sides have served in the military or air force.

4: Parents country of origin: Poland

The white stripes represent the hope and peace of all the people. The red represents symbolic reference to socialism from days gone by. On my mom’s side they are very peaceful and also very loyal. With me and my siblings we all resemble the red cheeks of the polish people usually had.

5. Parents country of origin: Italy

I chose the Italian flag because my dad is Italian. The hope is green, faith is white, and charity is red. Or it is also known as green is for the hills, the white is for the mountains, and the red for the bloody wars for independence. My dad’s side of the family is very big. They live on the west coast ranging from Alaska to southern California. My dad’s family compared to my mom’s is huge. But it’s fun to try and memorize everyone's names.

6. Education icon #1: Flask

Ever since I started school have loved science. It always been one of my favorite subjects. When I graduate I want to go into the field of nursing more in particularly labor and delivery nursing. My mom is a manager of the birthplace at providence and I want to follow in her footsteps. She is my best friend and we have a lot in common not just that I’m half of her.

7. Education icon #2: Nursing hat

After high school I plan on going straight to college for nursing. I chose the hat because I have always been a fond of the old school nursing hats like this one.

8. Supporter right side: Buck

I chose the buck because it stands for peace and harmony or one who will not fight unless provoked. For both of my parents and for myself we are very calm when it comes to people trying to provoke us. I make it green because it means hope, joy, and loyalty in love which we have.

9. Supporter left side: Buck

I chose the buck because it stands for peace and harmony or one who will not fight unless provoked. I made this one purple because royal majesty, sovereignty, and justice with in my dad’s blood there is royal blood from a Native American princess.

10. Education icon #3: Trophy

In my family we all strive for the best and to be the best we can be all the time. We are also very successful and very accomplished.

11. Education icon #4: Wrench

I chose the wrench because my dad works at petro and I have always been interested in what he does. I also chose it because I love exploring things and the best things are cars. My dad is a huge role model for me because he is calm and very productive and serious when it comes to getting things done.

12. Education icon #5: Apple

I chose the apple because it is a symbol of teaching and I have always loved teaching no matter what it is. I would love to be a nurse that teaches other nurses new things that just came out. Plus I’ve had great teachers that are huge role models for me. I want to peruse a career that I will continue to learn and teach others.

13. Education icon #6: Heart with a heart beat

I chose this icon because I thought it would represent a good version of a labor and delivery nurse. I thought this because when you have a kid its heart beat will always be in your heart.

14. Family Trait: Bravery

My family is very brave that’s why I chose this word. On both sides of my family we have military service and have all survived to tell their story us. We are also very adventurous and love to explore the outdoors. We spend most of the days outside and trying new things. We all love to be outside and trying new things.

15: Family Trait: Strength

The boys and I in my family all bow hunt and for a bow you need strength. I chose strength because we are not only physically strong but be are mental strong as well.

16: Family Trait: Loving

As a good Catholic you should be loving. That’s why I chose this word. My family is very loving and love helping those in need. If we are needed for something we will be there in a second.

17: Family Background line: Nebuly line

I chose this line because it represents clouds and air. On my mom’s side of the family I have two grandparents in two different generations that flew in the air force. My brother is also looking into the air force and it is a big deal for me and our family. If he were to go we would all support him and miss him terribly. I also did the air because my family is very open and are very opened minded towards anyone.

The Family Crest

As we looked at our family history we stared to find crest that our ancestors made. Knowing the main components that are needed to make a family crest we took them and made one that could symbolize our family today. My family is very big about being a family and staying as one. We will always have the hope and we will always be dreaming of whats to come in the future.

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