SAVE CORAL!!! It's ALMOST all gone!

Coral is going to die out because we don't want to try to save it.I'm worried that if we keep littering in the water then all coral will come extinct and if we keep spilling oil in the water we will kill it and the fish are gonna starve and that means no fish to eat and and that means no sharks will eat and then the food chain will lower and we won't be able to see the beautiful scenery and in Hawaii's waters when you can scuba and if we help coral the fish won't starve and the sharks won't starve and so we will be able to eat fish and see beautiful scenery just by saving coral. So what are you waiting for? SAVE CORAL!!!!

How to save coral! To save coral you should:

1.DO NOT pollute----2. Also don't touch coral.----3.Lastly keep coral healthy.

-Kai. Phillip. Constantinou. Mr.Chens 3rd grade class.

Did you know coral is a living thing?


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