#peel21st 10 10 ways to learn this summer

The summer break is almost here.

I am so excited for almost ten weeks with friends, family, and hopefully lots of sunshine. I have to admit sometimes I get bored. Ever wondered what you could do as a family? Looked for ways to keep learning and exploring? Here are 10 FUN digital learning challenges for learners from Kindergarten to High School (and beyond) this summer. Do them in 10 hours, 10 days or 10 weeks it's up to you. Do them by yourself, with a friend or as a family. We would love to see what you learn and create so be sure to share with #peel21st on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook (if 13 or under please remember to check with your parents).

Watch the following quick recap:

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The Challenges

Scroll through the ten challenges below. Each page links to an interactive poster that will take you directly to the apps and tools.

Challenge 1: Play a Game & Keep Learning

Games can be more than just fun. Try one of these games to consolidate your learning in math or share one of your favourite games that is both fun and educational.

Challenge 2: Learn Something New

There is so much to learn and so many ways to learn new information. Don't forget you have access to all the Peel Library eResources this summer. Wonder how an astronaut's body changes in space or how light bends? Check out the Kids Should See This.

Challenge 3: Be a Digital Photographer

Whether you have a fancy camera or just your phone or tablet, grab your camera and learn a few new tips in this text form. Get outside and document the biodiversity around you with tools like Questa Game App.

Challenge 4: Get Creative

Looking for a design challenge or a tool to create with? Whether it is inspiration to get started or a tool to explore, check out these 6 apps.

Challenge 5: Tell a Story

We all have a story to tell so get the family together and create your own picture book, design and adventure story or share a family tradition.

Challenge 6: Ready, Set, Animate

Bring items around your home to life with animation from your favourite toys to your dinner plate. Learn the 3 basic rules of stop motion and then start exploring.

Challenge 7: Make Your Own Music

Whether DJ, singer or composer, try these apps and stretch your creativity.

Challenge 8: Be a Director

Become the next Youtube star with one or more of these tools. Create a documentary or a movie trailer, a haunted flick or historical clip.

Challenge 9: Code your Creation

You probably have heard a lot about coding. There are so many tools available to help us get started so whether it is learning the basics with coding puzzles, creating our own worlds with Scratch (& Scratch Jr), coding a game in Hopscotch or learning the Swift language with Swift Playgrounds.

Challenge 10: Share your Learning

Share, share, share!

Share your learning with a friend or your family!

Let's learn together this summer!


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