SHS Counselor Newsletter March 2019


  • ACT & College Planning
  • MCIS Highlight: School Sort
  • Detention Alternatives
  • ASVAB Testing
  • Scholarships
  • Final Transcripts for Seniors
  • Walking for Graduation
  • 2019-2020 Course Registration
  • Counselors in the Classroom
  • When to Seek Help
  • Save the Date

ACT & College Planning

Juniors have completed their ACT test, now what? Now we wait for their scores, but in the meantime, your student can begin researching what ACT score will make them a competitive applicant at the schools they are interested in.

Yes, college searching can be overwhelming, but we have some amazing tools that can help! If you're not sure which schools you're interested in, we recommend trying the School Sort tool in MCIS. More about this tool further down in our newsletter.

Once you have compiled a list of schools you are interested in, look them up in MCIS by hovering over "Education" in the top red bar, then clicking "Minnesota Postsecondary Institutions" or "US Colleges and Universities." From there, look up the schools you are interested in and click "admissions" in the left column. If you scroll down, you will find a breakdown of enrolled Freshmen students' ACT scores. You can use this to determine what score you will need to be a competitive applicant.

Examples of average Freshmen ACT scores for popular college destinations from the SHS class of 2018

Once scores come back, you can decide if you'd like to retake the ACT on one of the upcoming national test dates: June 8 or July 13.

School Sort

MCIS Highlight

Yes, the college search can be overwhelming, but we have some amazing tools that can help! If you're not sure which schools you're interested in, we recommend trying the School Sort tool in MCIS.

School Sort can be found if you hover over the "Education" tab in the red bar at the top of your MCIS homepage. This tool allows you to narrow your college search by criteria that are important to you.

For example, are you looking for a 4-year institution, in Minnesota, that offers Nursing and intramural soccer? No problem, enter your criteria using the topics in the left column and click "get my results." You'll find 16 schools meet those requirements.

How about a public school that is in Minnesota, Wisconsin, North or South Dakota that offers a major in Linguistics and costs less than $10,000 a year? You'll find 23 schools meet those requirements.

Got Detention Hours?

Did you know that you can earn 2 hours of detention for attending each 1-hour session! Thank Ms. Schroeder for arranging this 2-for-1 deal!

ASVAB Testing

Shakopee High School will be offering the ASVAB test to any interested 10th, 11th, or 12th grader on April 30, 2019. The test is typically taken for two reasons

  1. Students are unsure of what they want to do for a career in the future and are looking for a test that will match their skills & interests with careers to help them plan for after high school
  2. Students are interested in joining the military

Permission slips are available in the Career Center. Talk to Ms. LaRue if you have questions.


Local scholarships are kept on this scholarship list. We continue to update this list as scholarships become available.

Students can also access a large list of scholarships on the Minnesota Career Information System called MCIS. On MCIS, you can find scholarships under the Education tab. You can personalize your scholarship list by using the Financial Aid Sort tool.

March/April/May Scholarship Highlights & Deadlines

  • 3/30-Paul S. Mills Scholarship-$1,000 awards for a 500 word essay describing why you want to pursue education in the financial service field.
  • 4/19-Apple Auto Scholarship - $2,500 award for a short application and 1-page essay
  • 4/19-Shakopee Rotary Scholarships-2 scholarships available for completing a short application

Dollars for Scholars

One of our most popular scholarship programs is Dollars for Scholars and this year is no exception, this year over 145 seniors submitted applications!

Final Transcripts for Seniors

Seniors, have you made your decision on where you're attending college next year? Did you know that you can request your final transcript now, so you don't have to remember later?

Follow these instructions, but remember, when it asks you "When do you want this sent?" SELECT HOLD FOR GRADES. This will flag the order for our registrar and she will wait until final grades are posted to send your transcript.

Walking for Graduation

In order to walk at the 2019 graduation ceremony, students must be able to say “yes” to the following:

  1. I have completed at least 46 credits at the end of senior year
  2. I am not missing more than two required courses at the end of senior year

If you aren’t sure if you meet the requirements, please make an appointment with your counselor.

2019-2020 Registration

Registration for the 2019-2020 school year is complete! We registered 753 future Freshmen, 716 future Sophomores, 660 future Juniors, and 611 future Seniors, for a grand total of 2,740 students! If you placed all those registration sheets end-to-end it would stretch 3,881 ft., which is approximately the distance to the nearest Starbucks. Fitting, because we all needed a little caffeine to get us through after that.

The counseling team wants to say a huge THANK YOU to all the teachers, administrators, students, and families who helped us get everyone registered! It is always a team effort, and your contribution does not go unnoticed.

Counselors in the Classroom

Counselors were able to join the Introduction to Human Development class as a part of their cognitive development unit. Counselors shared how stress affects the brain, then had students brainstorm different stress management strategies. These included ways to physically relieve stress, comforting and soothing coping strategies, distracting activities, ways to process stress, and finally ways to stay grounded. Students ended the class with a guided meditation.

When to Seek Help

We have so many amazing helpers in our student body. As counselors, we are lucky enough to hear first-hand how our students help each other through some of life's toughest situations. But when do helpers need to seek help for their friends or themselves?

If a friend mentions hurting themselves or posts this on social media, you need to seek help immediately. You can do that in several ways

  1. If it happens during the school day, seek an adult you trust and let them know what you're hearing. Tell the adult it is an "emergency" so you get an appropriate response.
  2. If it happens after school hours or on the weekend, call the Scott Country Crisis Response team at (952) 818-3702 or 911.

If you are helping a friend and start to feel drained, or feel like their problem is now your problem, it may be time to ask for help from someone removed from the situation. You can do that in several ways:

  1. Talk to an adult or friend you trust without compromising the trust of the friend you are trying to help.
  2. Make an appointment with your School Counselor or School Social Worker.

Save the Date

4/9: 9th grade College & Career Visit Day

4/15-4/19: Sophomore classroom lessons

4/30: ASVAB Testing

5/1: National Decision Day (seniors, there may be treats for you at lunch if you've made a decision on what to do next year).

5/6-5/10: Junior classroom lessons

5/29: Senior Awards Ceremony

5/31: Last Day of School for Seniors

6/6: Last Day of School for 9th-11th graders

6/8: Graduation Day


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