Principles of Design By Ria Brooks


repeated elements of art: shapes, color, textures, lines, forms, values.


Example: In this the video I link the artist drew the person moving in a v counterclockwise.

how the elements are arranged to direct the viewers eye throughout the art. Could be in a "V" "X" "T" shape or an organic line.


Example: I chose these pictures to display 2 different ways balance could be used. In the first picture the people holding umbrellas are balanced because they are evenly displayed across the landscape picture horizontally. In the second picture the swans are mirroring each other vertically . These are two examples of horizontal and vertical balanced art.

refers to the ways in which the elements (lines, shapes, colors, textures, etc.) of a piece are arranged.


The elements in art need to be varied but harmonious.

Ex. Different width lines, various selection of sizes with the shapes, different shades of a color, etc.


Also called "Emphasis" or "Center of Interest." One aspect of the picture needs to stand out. This might be done though contract of size, color, value, texture. This is the most "eye-catching" part of the picture. Illustrate and explain this on you page


This is purposefully leaving aspects of the original image OUT as you draw or paint in order to allow the center of Interest to stand out and to create the Line Movement you desire. Find examples of art that has purposefully left out parts of the image to direct the eye accorningly.


Created with images by Arturo Espinosa - "Yukteswar. Incomparable teacher! for PIFAL" • fdecomite - "Warhol Moon" • pedrosimoes7 - "La grande portugaise (1916) - Robert Delaunay (1885 - 1941)" • BPPrice - "balance" • erix! - "Balance" • lotopspin - "BALANCE" • Fæ - "A collection of Apache Indian baskets (ollas) on display, ca.1900 (CHS-3555)" • BurnAway - "CO0P5431.jpg" • jurvetson - "Moore evermore in Computer History — Happy 50th Birthday to the Law!"

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