Fundamentals of Art By: Bailey williams

Thematic Library Window Mural

Problem to solve: Collaborate to design a painted Mural on the windows above the library. Your design will be based on the FSD annual theme and will positively influence the FSD community.

"Follow Your Heart And Be The Change"

Our mural is communicating that you should follow your heart, even though going down the right path will not be the easiest decision, but to impact people's lives & have them follow with you down the path of being the change they could be in the world. The aspect of the mural making experience my partner and I enjoyed the most was the making of the whole mural, because of how far we came from the planning, drawing, painting, and also how good it turned out to be . My partner and I chose to incorporate Pocahontas because she was told to follow her heart about a man who her tribe was scared of & also hated, but as their relationship had grown, change was created about how they felt about the man & his people. So if you follow your heart & what you're fighting for, then that fight inside you can create change in the world.

By: Arianna Giannelli and Bailey Williams

While doing this assignment I learned a lot of thing. To start with, I learned that it's important to work together as a team to get the job done. Also to be prepared and know what your painting before you start so you have more time to get things done.

Draw A Person

Problem to solve: Draw a person and self assess what drawing level is evident.

My drawing of a person I think is in the Scheomatic stage because I had a pretty good idea of what I was doing. Also the shapes that was doing and where they would go.

Upside Down Drawing

Problem to solve: Allow your right brain thing strategies to dominate while you accurately draw your chosen image upside down

What I've learned while drawing this image is that it is very important to take your time in order to draw the line accurately. Also that every single line needs to match in order to get a somewhat perfect image. Lastly, I've learned that I actually prefer drawing upside down better because it's way easier and it makes my drawings look better.

Blind Contour And Contour Line Drawing Of Hand.

Blind Contour Problem to Solve: Without looking at your paper, record all of the edges of your hand. Your goal is line specificity.

Contour Problem to Solve: Use the grid lines on the plexiglass view finer to help you replicate your contour line drawing of your hand. You are aiming for accurate proportions and line specificity.

Five Contour Line Drawings Of Objects From Observation

Problem to solve: Increase your accuracy of proportion, foreshortening, overlapping, congruity, and specificity by practicing drawing contours of a minimum of 5 objects.

What I've learned during this assignment is that it's way harder to draw an actual object than it is to just look at an image or drawing and just copy it. I've noticed that while your drawing it important to take your time and make sure all of the proportions are accurate.

Blotted Contour Line Drawing

Problem to solve:Transform your most interesting and best contour line drawing into a blotted contour line drawing inspired by Andy Warhol's graphic design work.

While doing this assignment I've learned that it's very hard to control the ink and if you don't work slow and use to much ink it will become kind of messy and the ink will blend together. Overall, I really enjoyed doing this because there wasn't really any rules to it and even if you messed up you could still make it look good.

Negative Space Of A Ram

Problem to Solve: Train your brain to observe and record the shapes and angles of the negative space with the intention it will increase the accuracy of the positive space.

As I was drawing I noticed that you really have to try and get everything accurate the first time so you don't have to go back and redo certain parts. Also that it's very important to look at the negative spaces while you are drawing and to take your time and make sure everything lines up.

Skeleton Drawing With A Sharpie And Skeleton Tracing On IPad

Problem to Solve: Select a section of the skeleton that is just above your comfort challenge level and utilize the rule of thirds and touchs 3 sides of your paper to create a dynamic composition.

During this assignment I've learned the rule of thirds and and how it helps a lot when the negative spaces are filled in.

Problem to Solve: Apply your knowledge of right brain dominance, contour line techniques, negative space, and rule of thirds in order to draw a strong composition of the skeleton in proportion.

What I've learned is that it's important the that there is line specificity because it makes it look more clean and precise. Also that Drawing the negative spaces first really helps get your image started and that the negative spaces are what really makes the image pop.

Sketch Book Drawings

Exploration Of Procreate Transforming A Selfie

Problem to Solve: Explore the Procreate app by transforming your selfie into a unique and visually interesting image.

For this assignment I've learned how to use Pro create and all of the different tools you can use to get certain textures to make your image look how you want it to look. I really enjoyed this sketchbook because it was fun just getting to do whatever you wanted to your image and also seeing how it turned out in the end was really cool.

All Things That Flower

Problem to Solve: Design a unique and creative composition relating to the theme, "All Things that Flower". Your artwork will be submitted into an art competition at the Tom Ridge Center.

What I've learned from this assignment is that sometimes ideas can come from your mistakes and that if you mess up it doesn't matter. What I liked while I was doing this assignment was how free it was and that we could do whatever and use our imagination to draw whatever we thought of.

O Design

Problem to Solve: Invest an hour of “invest”igation into what you can transform this “O” design into while creating CONTRAST and BALANCE in your composition. I want to see how far you can push the design while maintaining the existence of the “O” form. What can you come up with? Surprise us all.

During this assignment I've learned that it's important to make sure that everything blends well together and that there is contrast. I think it's really cool how their are so many things you could make out of an O that I never realized

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