The Chill of the Hunt Episode 157

Paradelphia Radio: The Chill of the Hunt, Ep. 157

Get our your REM pods, Mel Meters and FLIR camera as this week we talk with Maureen and Sharon Carroll of Jersey Paranormal Investigations. Sharon and Maureen share some of their craziest cases, preferred equipment to use and give us an inside look into the world of a local ghost hunting group. We also hear some of JPI’s most amazing EVP’s captured during various investigations in and around the South Jersey area. Paranews includes a “new” oldest person alive (well….not anymore), a murder suspect using the paranormal as part of his defense and more!

Would you invoke the paranormal as part of your defense at a murder trial? This guy did.

A man born 5 yrs after the Civil War ended just passed away. Think about that!

It's like Weekend at Bernie's.....only much, much darker.

Next week (5/9/17) we talk with VARLA VENTURA about her latest book "Fairies, Pookas and Changelings : A Complete Guide to the Wild and Wicked Enchanted Realm"

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Rick Prewitt

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