the definition of tranquillizer is a medicinal or drug taken to reduce tension or anxiety Drug class: the drug class is valium this drug is illegal
Slang names for tanquillizers are beggy Another slang name is prolivin
the type of drug is valium this is not a primarily organic drug you take them when needed to sleep
a tranquillizer may look different do to its dealer

this drug is used to treat major, minor state of mental, or help you sleep

history of this drug:this drug was first introduced in the 1950s to help manage stress and to sleep
This drug is not addictive,fatal Withdrawal symptoms: anxiety mood swing deperson poor concentration social isolation low energy disturbed sleep
A:short term judgement B:long term damage heart liver and brain
What part of the brain does it damage:it damage amygdala
Important Information:This drug can be used to protect yourself
overdose 8 people died by taking elephant tranquilizers
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you see mr. Kane i dont always copyrite

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