Communication in Comics How Authors of Graphic Novels communicate Human Emotion to readers

First, Writers and Authors watch and observe the world around them
They contemplate on what they observe about humanity and their actions

Writers formulate their ideas and thoughts into a story.

Write and draw out their stories

For reader's to read and visually see the author's thoughts and conclusions

Graphic Novels use of sequential art sparks a response from the reader; an emotion gained by the reader from viewing the images.

"Johnny! Look out!"

Author's use specific words and text to communicate a emotional response from the reader. In this example, the reader senses that Johnny is in danger.

The two elements combined are used in comics to generate a story of emotion.
After reading the story, the reader feels/gains an emotional response to the writer's story. The writer wrote the story this way on purpose, in order for the reader to feel an emotion towards the author's conclusions.
Which motivates the reader to observe and examine their own lives and why they feel the way they do after reading the piece. The author has communicated his or her idea effectively.


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