#FAIL 2.0 IF my creation was going to end up in the trash, AT least it would be beautiful trash!

Just a little advice, when working with a new product, colorant for recipe I cannot say this again and again please do it in small test batches!! I repeat.. S.M.A.L.L test batches. If you are also going to try a new method and you don't even have the exact measurements written down, or for the love of God have a lye calculator on your phone you will end up with a riced, ungodly thick 3 (yes 3) wasted almost a full oz of mica purportions of concrete! Oh man, not only a terrible mess i have just created but it's VERY clear I am NO soap expert to say the least.

Along my soap journey, one thing I have learned is to think quick on my feet and ALWAYS have backup supplies immediately on hand. This includes, two extra tipped piping bags for cupcakes, three separate measuring cups, as many small containers as I can round up and I most always just bring my entire tub of all of my colorants! What started as a simple batch of soap ended up with a rainbow colored, hamburger patty mess stuffed into a mold!

Normally if I don't like the way my cupcakes turned out I will try to salvage all of my melt & pour embeds and throw the batch in the trash but with this particular batch since I used so many beautiful micas, brand-new butters and new fragrance oils, I was determined not to throw this away.

The pictures below is the loaf in its current stage. As I cut the soap later on tonight we will see if I've created the next biggest trend or the biggest FAIL to go down in history... As I patiently wait as the hours pass I'm not in any hurry at least!

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