Atwell College March 2019 Newsletter 1 201 BRENCHLEY DRIVE ATWELL 6164. EMAIL: ATWELL.COLLEGE@EDUCATION.WA.EDU.AU. PHONE 08 6174 2200

From the Principal

I would like to thank the large number of staff and members of the Atwell College parent community who have made me feel welcome as I transition into the role of Principal at Atwell College.

It is already very clear to me that Atwell College is a dynamic school community with student learning at the centre of everything we do. Staff understand that every student is capable of making progress in their learning given the appropriate teaching and support and they strive to deliver engaging and high impact lessons which meet the diverse learning needs of their students. The high quality academic and vocational curriculum is supported by a large variety of cultural, artistic and sporting extracurricular programs and activities to enhance the educational experience for all students. I have been impressed by the number of staff who volunteer their time to provide a such a wide selection of extracurricular clubs and activities to cater for so many students with diverse interests.

I have also been impressed with the team of highly trained Education Support staff who provide innovative programs for students with a range of physical or intellectual disabilities in both the Kim Beazley Centre and across the school in Education Support classes. They often work in challenging circumstances and are always professional and student focused.

The level of collaboration with our Atwell College Zone (ACZ) Primary Schools is excellent and I thank the many Atwell College staff who offer their time and expertise to deliver a range of after-school programs to our partner primary students through the ACZ Extension program. I have enjoyed meeting these excited and enthusiastic young people.

It has been a very smooth start to the year and the feedback from staff is that the new Year 7 students have settled into the high school routine quite quickly. They are working well and have adapted to the changes that high school brings.

Safety of students at Atwell College is paramount and much work is done to ensure that all students are safe whilst at school. The overwhelming majority of students at this college are polite and considerate students who do not resort to aggressive behaviour when frustrated. Also, the majority of our days flow smoothly with no incidents. However it is unfortunate that we, like every other school, have a handful of students who do occasionally display aggressive behaviours. Please be assured that we have very tight policies and processes to reinforce positive behaviour and manage any negative behaviour as it occurs. We have also focused our efforts on improving the physical environment of the school to provide more seating, shade/shelter and creating areas where students feel comfortable to sit and chat. We have also begun to increase the number of clubs and activities available at recess and lunch to cater for a range of interests for students. We also have highly visible staff on duty in all areas during breaks and volunteer staff who run fun activities on certain days of the week. These strategies are all aimed at reducing the overcrowding in the centre of the school, creating options to occupy students' time which decrease the likelihood of incidents occurring.

We have also begun delivering a variety of programs designed to support our Positive Behaviours and Friendly Schools Processes. These programs support the development of positive community values, thoughtful decision making and build respect, tolerance and a sense of personal responsibility for actions.

The Minister for Education has recently focused her attention on all government workplaces and has initiated a number of processes to keep all workplaces including schools safe for everyone who attends those workplaces. In our case, this means both staff and students. In line with this, the Director General of Education has issued a directive that all Principals must follow. Essentially this requires me to suspend any student who makes physical contact with another student with the intent to harm e.g. fighting and/or any student who films or distributes (shares) vision of a school fight for up to 10 days. The Directive to me also states that I must remove “good standing” for any student who does either of these things and that students without “good standing” cannot attend any school events or extracurricular activities until they regain their good standing. I encourage you to assist us by reinforcing to your children that there is no place for violent or aggressive behaviour in any workplace, especially in schools. I have attached a copy of this Directive to the email that came along with this newsletter edition.

Finally, I have met many wonderful young people as I tour the school and I am pleased to find high levels of respectful behaviour and consideration for others at Atwell College. These students are a credit to their parents and carers and I thank you for your support in reinforcing positive attitudes and behaviours at home. Schools work best when education is valued in the home and positive relationships are maintained between the school, the student and the parent/carer. As always, we ask for your continued support in ensuring that your children attend school regularly, come prepared to learn and come to school in the correct school uniform with their necessary equipment. These are fundamental things that we need to enable education to proceed successfully.

Important Upcoming Dates
Important Upcoming Dates in Term 1
OLNA 2019

Tertiary institutions, employers and the community have requested greater assurances about the standard of literacy and numeracy achieved by students at the end of Year 12.

To achieve a Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE), students need to demonstrate a minimum standard of literacy and numeracy, either by achieving Band 8 or above in reading, writing and numeracy in their Year 9 NAPLAN test or by demonstrating the required standard through the Online Literacy and Numeracy Assessment (OLNA).

A copy of the OLNA brochure with information for students, parents and carers can be found on our College website.

Students in year 10, 11 or 12 who will be sitting OLNA will be notified and provided with a schedule of the testing that commences Tuesday 5th March by their Year coordinator.

College Early Close

Atwell College will close early on Wednesday 13th March at 1:25pm to support Parent Teacher Interviews for all students with the exception of Year 10 students. Year 10 students will remain at school until 2.55pm for Career Exploration activities.

Interviews will start at 2.30pm and finish at 7.00pm and will be held in D block. Interviews for Education Support and Kim Beazley students will be held in the students' normal classrooms.

Parents can book interviews with teachers online via the College website only from Tuesday 5th March, 4pm until Tuesday 12th March, 4pm. Detailed instructions on how to access the Parent Teacher Online (PTO) booking system will be communicated on Tuesday 5th March.

Canteen Early Close

In conjunction with the College Early Close, please be informed that the College canteen will only operate for recess on Wednesday 13th March. No lunch will be available for students on that day.


The National Assessment Program (NAP) provides the measure through which governments, education authorities and schools can determine whether or not young Australians are meeting important educational outcomes.

Atwell College will be conducting the NAPLAN test online this year. A copy of the NAPLAN Online brochure with information for parents and carers will be distributed out to Year 7 & Year 9 students during Home Room in Week 7.

A practice on the NAPLAN Online test platform will be held for Year 7 and Year 9 students during Week 9 of Term 1 from April 1st in preparation for the actual NAPLAN Online test commencing Tuesday 14th May. The timetables for both schedules will be published closer to the date.

NSP 2020 Trials

Applications for Trials into the Atwell College Netball Specialist Program are now open for Year 7 2020 students.

Trials will be held on the 27th - 28th June 2019 for all year 6 students interested in joining the program.

Positions for all 2019 classes have been filled. Expressions of Interest into the program for 2019 will be accepted only for any new or current students in Years 7-10 who have not previously trialled.

Please check out our College website for more details and copies of the Trial Application Forms.

Claire Gilmour, Netball Teacher & NSP Coordinator


Connect is an integrated online environment developed by the Department of Education WA for staff, students and parents in public schools. Your secure login details to Connect include a P-number and Password and will be emailed by your child’s school.

Connect allows parents to view their children’s assessment results and attendance. It is also the College’s secure method for providing parents with important notices from the College. Parents must have access to Connect to receive these notices.

Any parent who has a recorded email address with the College will have access to Connect for each of their children at the College. If parents wish to be removed from this service, please contact the College. If parents do not have Connect access, then they are welcome to ring the College to be provided with login details.

Please refer to our College website for more information regarding the use of Connect.

No Student Drop Off or Pick Up

Parents and carers are kindly reminded that no drop off or pick up of students are allowed in the staff carpark near the College Main Administration building, with the exception of parents with the ACROD Parking Permit.

There have been incidents in the past where the safety of students and staff have been compromised.

Your kind cooperation will be most appreciated to ensure the safety of everyone. Thank you very much!

Absentee and Early Pickup

Parents/ Carers can email the school at Atwell.Col.Absentees@education.wa.edu.au or call (08) 6174 2233 (voicemail recording system) regarding your child's absence or early pickup from school. Please remember to include your child’s name, year level, date/s of absence, reason for absence and a contact telephone no. in your email. Voicemail messages recorded will be retrieved promptly by our Student Services Officer.

Kindly ensure that your child is informed in advance where possible if he/she has to be picked up earlier for an appointment as we often do not have staff available to notify students personally in classrooms.

Students will need to sign out electronically at Student Services before meeting parents/ carers at the Main Admininstration front office.

Thank you for your understanding and kind cooperation.

Secondhand Uniforms

The College requires donations of secondhand Atwell College uniforms that are in good condition. Please drop donations into our Student Services Reception or the Main Administration building. Thank you.

Our Outstanding Staff

Brendon Bleakley

The National School Resourcing Board has been tasked with reporting to the Australian Government in Dec 2019 on a review of the Australian Government’s school funding loading for students with disability.

Atwell College is pleased to announce that our Associate Principal Mr Brendon Bleakley has been selected as a representative of the WA Department of Education to participate in roundtable discussions providing valuable feedback and input at key stages of the review.

We trust that Brendon's participation will serve to ensure that students with disability are resourced appropriately and fairly across Australia education sectors and jurisdictions. Thank you Brendon!

Our Students Make Us Proud

Madison Copeland

Atwell College is very pleased to announce that our Yr 12 student Madison Copeland has been selected into the Australian National team for the 2019 FIL U19 Women's Lacrosse World Championship.

Madi is now training very hard for the Championship to be held in August, Peterborough Canada and if Australia wins, Madison could be off competiting in Olympics 2020 too. How exciting!

We are so proud of Madi and wish her all the best!

Shanaya Roach

Our Year 11 student Shanaya Roach represented WA at the National Indigenous Cricket Championships in Alice Springs on 11 February.

Brendon Bleakley, Associate Principal

Our Sporting Achievements

Rugby League Specialist Program

Our year 8 Rugby League Specialist team participated in a match against West Hull Wolfpack under 13s on Tuesday 19th February. All players of the team represented the College with pride and played great Rugby League for their first match together in 2019. Unfortunately Atwell lost the close game with the final score being 22-16.

Congratulations to Tevita Alatini who was named 'Man of the Match'.

Our year 8s are now looking forward to beginning the Struddy’s Cup Competition.

Edward Proudler, RLSP Teacher

Netball Specialist Program

Congratulations to the 15 players from our College NSP who have been announced as players for the new Metroleague in the 16U and 14U divisions respectively. We wish them every success on their pathway of development!

Sharon Dawson & Claire Gilmor, Netball Teacher and NSP Coordinators

Artwork Installation

Several artworks were installed in E Block over the school holidays which have certainly brightened up the foyer near HASS, Visual Arts and Home Economics classrooms for both staff and students. These artworks were led by local artist Darren Hutchens, who together with last year’s Year 7 Visual Arts students, developed designs for large paintings that reflect the colours and textures of our local environment and the flora and fauna that exists in the wetlands around Atwell College.

Students were inspired about the traditional Wadjuk Noongar culture with Aboriginal elder Olman Walley and learned about local plants and animals and their significance to the Wadjuk clan. Look carefully for Gooya the Frog, Djitty Djitty the Willy Wagtail, Kulbardi the Magpie and Quenda the Bandicoot. You might also see leaves, flowers and nuts from Marri, Banksia and Zamia Palms. The Year 7’s also worked with Curtin University Fine Arts student Stephanie Price and Open University Master of Art Education student Tom Williamson to complete this project which was partially funded by a PALS Grant provided by the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries.

Toni Singleton, Visual Arts Teacher

Library Update

Term 1 2019

The year has certainly blasted off in the library with a swag of new activities and readers enjoying our wonderful book collections. Library staff are delighted with all our new Year 7 readers and encourage all students to read for pleasure as much as possible. All Year 7 students had a library orientation session in the first week of Term 1 to familiarise themselves with our collections and services.

Are you our Reader of the Month?

To encourage a student who is perhaps not a natural reader but trying hard to improve their reading habits, library staff will be offering a monthly reward of movie tickets or a book voucher to our Reader of the Month. Winners will be announced them in the College Newsletter.

Book Club

Ms Lane and Ms Duffy from English Department are running a new book club in the viewing room in the library on Mondays during lunchtime. We encourage all students to check it out and have fun with reading.

Lunchtime clubs and activities

There is no excuse not to be engaged at lunchtime with the number of clubs and activities available for students. Here is a list for reference:

Book club with Ms Lane and Ms Duffy – Mondays lunchtime

Chess club with Mr Curtis and Mrs Potter – Tuesdays & Thursdays lunchtime

Yoga club with Ms Reddall – Wednesdays lunchtime

Youtube club with Mrs Jeffries – Wednesdays lunchtime

Movie and popcorn session with Mrs McDonagh – Thursdays lunchtime

We also have gaming, art and craft makerspace, board games, Uno and playing cards available to students in the library at lunchtime.

Fantastic library displays

We celebrated Chinese New Year and Autumn with our library displays at the start of this term.

SmartRider card update

We are aware that students and parents are keen to get their SmartRider cards particulary for our new Year 7 students. We are anticipating the cards to be available over the next two weeks. SmartRider cards for Year 7 students will be distributed through their homeroom teacher. New students from Years 8 to 12 will need to approach the staff at the library to collect your SmartRider card. Temporary SmartRider cards that allow students to pay cash concession fares can also be provided to students by the library staff.

All Year 12 students whose Smartrider cards are expiring on 31st March 2019 will also need to see the library staff to get their Smartrider card renewed.

Reminder – Library Code of Conduct

Students are reminded that no hats are allowed in the library and the use of mobile phones are strictly prohibited during classes in the library. Hats and mobile phones are to be put away in the storage bins provided by the library staff and can be retrieved at the end of the lesson.

Happy reading and we look forward to see students in the library soon!

Maree DeHaas & Nicole McDonagh, Library Officers

ACZE Update

It has been a busy start for the Atwell College Zone Extension (ACZE) team with over 60 primary school students attending courses after school at our College this term. Each of the 3 courses, namely Minecraft in Education, The Adventures of English and Genius Hour, have been met with a massive amount of enthusiasm from students at our Atwell College Zone partner primary schools (Atwell Primary, Aubin Grove Primary, Hammond Park Primary, Harmony Primary, Honeywood Primary, Jandakot Primary and Success Primary).

The courses all have an artistic and creative flavour this term. The Adventures of English has students creating their own personalised booklet on the history of the English language. Genius Hour works on Problem-Solving skills involving High Order Thinking and some art and patterns. Minecraft in Education opens the door of creativity within learning and is being used to develop project-based learning in a variety of subject areas. All students have been engaged, enthusiastic and very motivated and parents/ carers and primary school staff of these students should be very proud of them.

If you are interested in finding out more about the ACZE courses each term, please check out our College website or email Ingrid.vidot@education.wa.edu.au.

Ingrid Vidot-Emery, ACZE Coordinator

English Learning Area Update

Atwell College students love a wide reading challenge!

The Wide Reading Challenge continues with Years 7 and 8 in 2019 with movie voucher prizes to be won for students who achieve the highest scores in the wide reading task in semesters 1 and 2 this year.

Congratulations to all the winners of 2018 Semester 2 Wide Reading Challenge - Caitlyn Henderson, Connor Watts, Danielle Kriesch, Dylan Fernandes, Huzaifah Ahmed, Max Angus, Owen Hammond and Sarah Bell

Wide Reading Challenge Year 9 winners Danielle Kriesch and Dylan Fernandes at the library

Lara Duffy, Teacher and HOLA (English)

Year 12 School Ball

After many months of work, the Year 12 Ball took place on Friday February 22nd at the Esplanade Hotel in Fremantle. The Year 12 Ball is the penultimate event for the Year 12 cohort, and the large number of Year 12s who attended demonstrated how important the Ball is in the development of ‘kids’ as they make the transition to adulthood. The Year 12s clearly put great effort into their night, making the staff voting for the various Ball awards, especially Best Dressed, incredibly difficult! Congratulations to all of the award and door prize winners, particularly Belle and Beau of the Ball Maddison Copeland and Matt Reynolds. It ended up being a fantastic night for all and hopefully a night that many will remember for quite some time.

Steven Francis, Year 12 Coordinator

College Colours Awards

It was fantastic to see so many of our students receiving awards for achieving their ‘Colours” towards achievement or contribution to their schooling and our community. This further supports our Positive Behaviours Support (PBS) Program and provides an example to all students as we build a ‘High Performance, High Care’ culture at the College.

A list of all the students who have received the awards can be found on our College website.

Winners of the Colour Awards 2018
Year 7 Parents Meet & Greet BBQ

Thank you to all the parents and carers who attended the Year 7 Meet & Greet BBQ on Tuesday 19 February. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet all our new parents and we look forward to working closely with you to support your child's high school journey at Atwell College.

Glendah Migro, Student Services Coordinator (Years 7-9)

Year 7 Transition

The Year 7s finished their first week of high school at the College on a high note with a Dodge Ball House competition. Congratulations to all students of Poseidon House for winning!

Glendah Migro, Student Services Coordinator (Years 7-9)

Year 7 Anti Bullying

Our 7 students were involved in an interactive education program designed to empower students to deal with social pressure affecting their everyday lives on Thursday 7th February.

The Constable Care Child Safety Foundation presented an awesome performance for our students. Everyone enjoyed the session and learnt a number of skills and strategies to promote health, safety and wellbeing.

Glendah Migro, Student Services Coordinator (Years 7-9)

Atwell College P&C

Our vibrant and committed Atwell College P&C are devoted to enriching the experiences our children have while attending Atwell College. The P&C is a wonderful team of friendly and welcoming parents and community members and welcome all new parents and those who would love to get involved.

The P&C has some exciting requests after their 1st meeting for 2019 last evening, including assistance with the Nepal Expedition later in the year. If any of your children are participating in this, the P&C strongly encourage you to attend their next meeting to be involved.

The next P&C meeting is the AGM and 2019 members renewal.

Date: Wednesday 27th March

Time: 6-7.30pm

Venue: Conference Room in the Main Admin Building

The Atwell College P&C looks forward to see you then.

News from the School Nurse

Welcome to the new school year. Our names are Pauline Arnold and Karen Penny and we are the Community Health Nurses based at Atwell College. Karen works on Mondays and Pauline works from Tuesday to Friday.

Community Health Nurses are skilled in assessing adolescent health needs. We engage in health counselling with young people to identify issues, risks and protective factors, provide advice and brief intervention, assist with access and referral to other services, and provide follow up care. Young people can drop in to the health centre or make appointments to discuss health and wellbeing issues.

The services provided are free and confidential. If you have a concern about your child’s health or wellbeing, please contact us on 6174 2200 or email us on Pauline.Arnold@education.wa.edu.au or Karen.Penny@education.wa.edu.au

Community News
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