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Each course meets for approximately 2 hours once a week for a ten week term online via Gotomeeting webapp. Each class can include lectures, demonstrations, critical reviews of works in progress and draw overs of students’ works. Between each class, work sent in by a certain day and time for review via email will be critiqued and sent back to the student.

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who’s this for?

For any artist who’s looking for help in building their skills and portfolio so that they can target the markets that interest them most. For the student currently enrolled in a university program this can be a great way of focusing on something that may or may not be offered at their current school or enhance a currently enrolled class. For the graduate who may or may not have found employment in their chosen career this can be the opportunity to develop specific skills and portfolio pieces to upgrade their career opportunities. For the self taught who are looking for a mentorship to help them go beyond the information and experience they’ve been able to accumulate independently.

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particulars & details

A minimum of 4 students per class to carry a class. And they will max out to 10 (maybe 11 if there’s a straggler). The student progresses at their own rate during the term and work begun in one term may continue into another depending on course availability and interest. Course content will also be informed by current events, market trends, student interests, and the speed at which students complete work and are able to absorb content. This will allow the student and teacher to go deeper into subjects of greater interest to them or diverge into other topics. Each class will meet for approximately 2 hours, which allows us to cover content and do critiques that will allow you to move forward with your projects. Depending on the student’s personal schedule they may take more than one course at a time and, in fact, some of the classes may be complementary to others.



The bulk of courses will be scheduled around evenings in Hong Kong local time, this will be in the morning of the same day on the east coast of the United States where I am located. Depending on the interest level, additional daytime or evening courses could also be set up for US/European based students.

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  • Portfolio/Skills Development - Sat 0930-1130 EST (UTC -5) - syllabus
  • Basic Perspective - Sun 0930-1130 EST (UTC -5) - syllabus
  • Additional courses may be added.

Tuition: 500 USD per course (via PayPal)


  • September 22 - Course Registration Due
  • September 29 - Tuition Due
  • October 6/7th - term begins
plein air oil Catskills


Peter has over 11 years of teaching experience at the university level. He’s worked freelance and been employed in traditional illustration markets, entertainment markets (Disney, EA, Avalanche and Riot Games) and worked with galleries coast to coast in the United States for his paintings and drawings.

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