Town of Chase By Matt m.

The amazingly small town of Chase, WI. (Map below)

Issue 1: Town of Chase voted no in the election to buy a new fire truck (below) to supply the Pulaski Fire Dept. Chase was outvoted and pitched in money to help pay for truck. If you ask me, it's a good idea, and I'd say yes to it. More gear for the firefighters equals quicker reaction to fire emergency.

Issue 2: Oconto recycling units are charging the town of Chase too much money for their recycling, so Chase is going to start its own recycling units and system.

Issue 3/4: 3rd issue- Stone barn needed parking lot lights so people can see where they are driving during the night (July, 2016) and the damaged parking lot lights needed to be fixed (September, 2016). Chase installed lights, and then fixed the damaged ones.

Issue 5: Roads of Chase needed to be fixed and defrosted from the damaging effects of frost and ice. Chase salted and fixed all roads. Therefore, they have new roads, and safe ones to drive on and less accidents can occur.

Town Hall Address: 8481 County Road S Pulaski, WI 54162



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