Shawn Nelson Digital Citizenship

1. Remember the Golden Rule

Don't brag about what you have

No one cares how much you have or what you have.

Avoid showing TMI

Some of it might be very gross.

Think about the reader they don't need to see everything you do

People don't care about every second of your life.

Don't post things people don't understand

Some people don't know what you are talking about and take it wrong.

keep your relationships to yourself

People don't care who you like.

don't complain

Because people don't want to here you complain about your life.

7. don't post pictures because you might regret

Because you boss might see it and fire you.

change your settings

If you don't someone might find out where you are and stalk you.

Post smart

Post things smartly so people will think higher of you and will not see things you don't want them to see.


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