Brexit “Tolerance has never brought civil war; intolerance has covered the earth with carnage”

By Arianna Borrazzo

Voltaire would support the leaving of Britain. When we was kicked out of Paris and went there he wrote of how he loved the system. He especially thought that you should believe what you want and be treated the best you could be. He says,

“It is clear that every private individual who persecutes a man, his brother, because he is not of the same opinion is a monster...”

This quote can be seen in many light. One in which is literal, people killing other people for their belief. Another is not so dark it’s separating others from yourself because of different beliefs. He also said,

“Is each citizen to be permitted to believe and to think that which his reason rightly or wrongly dictates? He should indeed”

Now just like Voltaire and his separation of church and state I’m going to split right out of this project!


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