Immigrants BY Jeremy martinez

It's hard for undocumented immigrants to live in the United States because they are in fear of getting deported by ICE or the police when they get pulled over or when ICE comes to their house late at night. They get deported losing everything they worked hard for and leaving their families they had in the United States. But immigrants do help the society because it grows their population and those places that are hiring get workers and their businesses grow or get more customers.

The United States should give immigrants citizenships and give them driver’s license so we can live here and drive here without any fear. It would change the society because there would be more people out in a lot of places and more businesses opened with more workers and customers. It would change everything and especially undocumented peoples lives because now they will be able to live here happy and get a good paying job.

Other people would disagree with my opinion because they probably don't like immigrants and believe everything our president (Donald Trump) says. People that support Trump don't like immigrants, African Americans, and Muslim people because they are “Terrorist” but not all muslims are terrorists just because some of them blowing up places with big bombs doesn't mean it's all muslims that did it. A lot of people would disagree with me because Mexicans come to the U.S. to steal jobs when we are the ones working hard for our family to get stuff we couldn't afford in Mexico.

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