Themistocles By aleSANDRA And Kristine

Themistocles was born in 524 BC , Classical Athens. He was the son of Neccles and Euterpe.

He was an Athenian Statesman and general whose Emphasis on naval power and military skills were instrumental during the Persian Wars.

Of his early life we know litter expect that, unusually for those who rose to the top echelons of power in Athena at the time, Themistocles did not come from an aristocratic family but a more humble middle class one.

Themistocles had 10 children there were Asia, Italian, Neccles, Dioceses, Polyeuctus , Manichean, Archaeologist, Polysemous, Sybarites, and Cycophants

Xerxes went back home Susa but thew the Persian land army , commanded by mardonius, was strill a significant threast and so the two sidees clached agian, this time on land at Platas in Augest 479 BCE. These force were commanded by xanthippus and Aristude, back from exle and there is no mention of Themistocles. Once again ambitions in Greece.

Understandably, the Athenians saw this as a treason and officially declared Themistocles a traitor, condemned him to death, and confiscated all hie property. It was not to be a happy move or that he ever committed suicide. More not long afterwards, with rumors suggesting he may been poisoned returned to Athens but the fact that his son continued hie reign in Magnesia and a tomb was built floor the great Athenian would suggest this is unlikely.

Themistocles was on of histories greats leaders and has left us with a great knowledge of his greats victories. There four live us to wounder if he was still around would we be happier and safer in this country today?


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