Life @Parky May 2020

Encouragement to a Church dispersed...

Last weekend I had cause to go to the shops and whilst stepping out of my car, I saw a young mum just across from me, mustering her young children and preparing to make her way into the shop. When she stood up from seeing to them, I saw that her tshirt had the statement “NEVER GIVE UP” emblazoned across it. I was curious as to why she was wearing it and it caused me to wonder, was it a gift? Maybe she liked the colour of the shirt? Or was it a reminder to herself to persevere in the struggles of her life?

I saw a statistic recently that said, “90% of success is perseverance”. I know in my life this would be true. It is easy to become discouraged, but perseverance tells us to stay the course, to keep going. Psychologists and medical experts have spoken a lot about the social impact of our present isolation restrictions and their tendency to cause discouragement and amplify our life issues.

The unknown writer of Hebrews writes this amazing book to a group of churches and believers who were wondering if their Christian faith was worth it. The pressures of life and doubts had eroded their faith.

Over the next 6 weeks, commencing the Sunday after Mother’s Day, we will begin a new series entitled:

HEBREWS: Encouragement to a church dispersed”

In preparation for this series, why not start reading a chapter of Hebrews each day to get a head start on all that it teaches?

Let us be a people who NEVER GIVE UP in the face of struggle.

Craig Lydon I Senior Pastor

Summary of Events...

With Autumn nearly over and things cooling down dramatically, stay warm and see what Parky has to offer in May...

  • 17 May - Quarterly General Meeting **CANCELLED** All members should have received an email from our Chairperson, Ken Wadley, regarding the cancellation of our QGM due to Covid-19 restrictions. Please contact Ken or Deanne on deanne@parkerville.net.au if you missed your copy or have any questions.
  • 18 May - CAP Money Online course, scroll down for further info.
  • Sunday pre-service prayer meeting from 8.30am. Please contact Rowan on 0423 865 972 for the Zoom Meeting ID and password.
  • Sunday services - the download link is available at parkerville.church/live each week from Saturday afternoon. If you have connection issues, we encourage you to download first and then play it @9:30am on Sunday. Online chat is available from 9-11am and we would love everyone to stick around after the service for the Sunday morning chat! **In addition to USBs, we now have printed sermon notes available! Contact Kris on kris.gibson@parkerville.net.au if you would like a copy**
  • Mondays - Blokes is back! Once a month, Blokes is online with make-your-own burgers and all new speakers allowing our men-folk a chance to get together and share lives and community. Contact Brad on 0428 471 195 or Craig on 0427 979 710
  • Wednesdays - Online Pastors Lounge - touch base and have a virtual coffee and dessert with our pastors weekly on Wednesday nights from 7.30pm-8.30pm. Check your weekly Life@Parky email for login details or contact the office for help. Pop in just for 5 minutes or the full hour - we'd love to see you!
  • Fridays - Friday night Youth online from 7.30pm. Our Youth families will be emailed each week with instructions for that Friday night's Youth activities. Please contact Caleb (0459 042 771) or Brad (0428 471 195) if you are not on the list and have high school age kids who would like to be part of the fun.
  • Kids - online material can be accessed from our website parkerville.church/children and we look forward to a monthly interview from one of the Kids Min leaders.
  • Young Adults - online social nights and study series via Zoom. Contact Brad on 0428 471 195 for more info.

Finances last Month

Budgeted giving - $29,500

Actual giving as at 30 April - $29,869

Building Loan as at 30 April - $604,600

General Donations: BSB 704-922 Acc 100008307

Building Donations: BSB 704-922 Acc 100013582

GiveWay: parkerville.church/give

**Please don't leave cash at the church premises during this period**

“Every good & perfect gift is from above…” James 1:17

Bushfire Relief Thankyous

The January bushfires over East seem such a long time ago now! As a church we still have those communities affected by the fires on our minds and the timing has now been right to send most of the remainder of the funds raised from our Bushfire Appeal over to two of our sister churches - Batemans Bay Baptist and Corryong Baptist.

They have sent the following replies to share with our congregation and those who donated:

Batemans Bay Baptist:

"I am writing to thank you for the support your fellowship has given to our community. There are nine families who have lost some property as a result of fires and require extensive support, in addition to many non-church families (approximately 25), whom we hope we can share the love of Christ.

The funds have already provided short-term relief for food, fuel and long-term relief with water tank replacement and construction plans and materials. The church is continuing to reach out to those deeply affected, both materially and spiritually. Our hope and trust is that people will see the love of Christ and respond to Him in faith.

Yours in Christ, Peter Johnson (Deacon Secretary)"

Corryong Baptist:

On behalf of the Corryong Baptist Church and the wider community whom we are serving in the name of our Lord, the generosity of Parkerville Baptist Church is greatly appreciated. Over the past 3 months we have made available to the farming community Relief and Stimulus packages, freight subsidies for transporting of hay, clothing purchases for those who lost homes & contents, a seed subsidy and incidentals for hobby farmers and lifestyle properties that have suffered loss.

Examples of incidentals are: load of firewood leading up to winter, providing fuel cards, IGA supermarket gift cards and small donated gifts such as tea towels, throw blankets and towels.

Without the gifts from congregations such as Parkerville we would not be able to do as much as we have been. The gifts empower us to begin and maintain relationships with our community in a new and fresh way. Thank you.

Lord Bless, In Christ's Service, Pastor Graeme van Brummelin

Social Media @Parky

Did you know that Parky has a Facebook and Instagram page? We've been posting regular photos and updates of what's happening in the life of Parky, so 'Like' our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Parkychurch/ or follow @parkychurch on Instagram for access to this great way of staying in touch!

Toddler Jam update

Toddler Jam is sadly still in recess due to the restrictions of Covid19. However, it has been a wonderful opportunity to think creatively in keeping community with the TJ team and TJ families whilst adhering to social distancing and isolation regulations.

  • TJ now has its very own ‘Birthday Sticker Postie’. The smiles of sheer delight on the kids faces when they receive that prized TJ birthday sticker in the mail is priceless. We enjoy the moment with them when the mums share photos for us of this.
  • We currently have a church window slowly filling up with TJ colouring sheets that have been emailed out to the team and families to colour, where everyone can read messages written on the ‘works of art’ and also see the much loved TJ bears waving through the window.
  • We also know that our TJ CD’s and MP3s are getting a daily workout in many homes.
  • The team have a weekly Coffee Mail emailed each week where we share TPOPPs (Team Prayer or Praise Points), Family Updates and photos reminding us of TJ. We also have a 1000 Gifts of Joy challenge where collectively as a team we share and keep tally of things that we are grateful for, that make us smile and bring us joy to help us see God’s goodness all around us. We are aiming to reach 1000 by the time TJ resumes.
  • Please pray for our Toddler Jam families. TJ is a time where the families would connect with each other and the team, recharge, be encouraged, feel supported, cared and loved and feel safe. TJ is a real highlight for them and while it is in recess is leaving a significant void in their world.
  • Please pray for more creative ways in which we can keep connected and build community with our TJ families.

Mundaring Shire Community Impact Survey

Parky Care was recently invited by the Mundaring Shire to join their Covid-19 Community Relief and Recovery Subcommittee. The purpose of this group is to inform and advise the Mundaring Shire on understanding impacts on the community of Covid-19 restrictions and to assist the community in managing recovery.

In order to better understand the impact on the community, the Sub Committee has developed a Community Impact Survey and is seeking as many residents from across the Shire to respond.

If you are willing, could I encourage you to access the link below and respond to the questions as you feel appropriate.


Kind regards,

Bruce Watkins | Director, Parky Care

CAP Money Course

18 May @7.30pm over 3 sessions

If you know of friends or neighbours struggling to manage their finances in these challenging Covid-19 times, please suggest this free online course to them.

Go to https://www.capaust.org/Get-Help/CAP-Money-Course to register or telephone Bruce Watkins on 0412 222 256 for further details.

Parky has gone solar!

Below is some background on Parky's journey to go solar and reduce emissions and our carbon footprint...

As part of our ongoing search to increase efficiencies in the church, the subject of solar panels has come up on a number of occasions over the years, however it has always seemed out of reach due to the expense involved.

Last year we applied for a grant from Synergy, which though unsuccessful led us to explore further options...

After three months of form-filling and negotiations with a reputable solar provider, we have now successfully applied to install over 13kW of solar panels on the church house roof (the main church gets too much shade).

This will be a ‘cash-neutral’ scenario, meaning there will be no cash outlay for the church, and our electricity bills will remain the same as we are currently paying over the next five years. After this period we will receive the full benefit of the solar panels, dramatically cutting our monthly payments.

The installation took place over 22 & 23 April and we are now looking forward to slashed power bills in the future!

In April and June, The Advocate, the award-winning newspaper of Baptist Churches Western Australia, will be online editions and we invite you to become a digital subscriber.

Simply enter your details via the link below and every two months you’ll receive your own digital edition of the paper with news articles from churches around WA, opinion pieces from respected writers and articles that will help you in your journey with Christ.


Read the latest edition at https://www.baptistwa.asn.au/view/news/the-advocate

Matt Chapman, Editor | The Advocate

YouthCARE position available

Dear Churches,

YouthCARE is looking for an Executive Assistant to join the administration team in our Central Office in Morley.

If you or someone you know is self-motivated, has strong administration skills, and an exceptional eye for detail (especially spelling and grammar) we'd love to hear from them!

The position is part time (0.6 FTE) and requires flexible working hours from Monday-Friday with occasional meetings outside of normal hours.

The job description for Executive Assistant can be found here.

Expressions of Interest (max 2 pages) outlining why you would be a good fit for the role and a resume (max 2 pages) outlining your previous experience should be sent to executive@youthcare.org.au by 4pm on Monday 11 May.

Detailed applications may be sought from submitted expressions.

Missions Partners Update

with Rowan du Boulay


The chaplains are doing amazing work in our schools, and they are being deeply valued by their school, morphing into a strong staff support, and remote student support.

A small number of chaplains have chosen to work from home, and schools are working with them to ensure they still offer a service, so far this is working well for most schools/chaplains who are doing this. Please pray for these chaplains, some are at high risk, others have self-isolated due to travel, etc.

So far there have been no direct COVID-19 positive results in any of our schools. Thankfully. There have been a number of close calls, which has caused some angst amongst staff and students.

It is also a true blessing that the Chaplains have security in their employment.


The Keggs are specifically looking for 3 people/couples - one to work on the farm, one to be a guide, and one to work with them at managerial level, assisting with mentoring teams.

The Kegg's daughter Abigail will join their son Josiah in the city at Boarding School.


  • Pray for God to begin preparing the right people to join their ministry
  • Pray for wisdom in developing a ministry agreement
  • Pray for financial provision for the kids' schooling


  • Praise God for time spent with family
  • Praise God for progress with new work
  • Praise God for healing from a very difficult year


The Falconers continue to share amazing stories of God providing opportunities to share the gospel with friends and neighbours.

Click https://www.globalinteraction.org.au/be-involved/may-mission-month/ccwupdatevideos  to see the latest video from the Falconers.

At the end of last year, Parky raised money to send to Scott and Bek Falconer. They were to use that money for training/team retreat in March which was cancelled, and are now looking to put the money to good use in extra expenditure that will arise in the future.


Jonno and Heather Crane continue to lead the team working with the Yao people in Malawi and Mozambique. They have their own unique opportunities and challenges as they don’t live in a village but in a city. Click https://www.globalinteraction.org.au/resources/news/malawi-and-mozambique for a story from Jonno.

Pray for wisdom, insight from God and ways to encourage and connect the team in their work and vision. Click https://www.globalinteraction.org.au/be-involved/may-mission-month/ccwupdatevideos for more resources from Global Interaction.


Parky continues to pray for the work of the Wilmots in Newman with the Martu people.


Parky is partnering with Jill Birt and Praxeis who are committed to ‘making disciples that multiply’.

My World 2 at Parky has just finished 10 sessions of training and My World 3 at Parky recently had their second session with 6 people. My World is about establishing a lifestyle of prayer, Bible Discovery reading personally and in groups and being prepared to share Bible stories. For more about this go to https://praxeis.org/.

Jill Birt has also made connections with Bhutanese students to provide shopping vouchers. If you would like to be involved, please contact Jill Birt at jill.birt@praxeis.org.

Sermon Podcasts Available

We hope you have been enjoying all that our Sunday preachers and speakers have had to say since going online. If there is a sermon you have missed, would like to share with a friend or would simply like to hear again then please head to parkerville.church/live and listen to or download the sermon of your choice!

Prayer Points

Pray for our families to experience peace as they spend time drawing closer together, and pray for teachers and students managing school work online and in class.

Pray for health workers and emergency services for resources, and also for leaders in churches, government and businesses/organisations in managing employment, resources and productivity

Pray for those connected to Parky who have health issues, both recent and long-term and for those who have lost loved ones recently or are separated from their family.

Praise God for the opportunities that online facilitation has opened up in our church and beyond.

Praise God for the success of Blokes in bringing men together in a new online format.

Praise God for our Mums and all they have done for us as we remember them especially on Mothers' Day this month.

Continue to pray for our local community and ways that we can bring the good news of Jesus to those around us in 2020.

Pray for provision to meet our financial needs this year. Pray for continued wisdom in our financial management and generosity in spirit as a church.

Continue to pray for the missionaries we support as a church, for God’s protection & blessing over them as they bless those around them.

What's on @Parky

Office Staff

Please note, in keeping with the restrictions on meeting together, the church office will be shut to the public, and our staff are isolating from each other to limit the risk of us all getting sick at the same time! Office hours will remain the same (Tuesday to Thursday, 9am-3pm) however all contact is to be made via email and phone within these times. An email will often get a quicker response so we encourage you to use this method.

  • Ps Craig Lydon (Senior Pastor) - craig@parkerville.net.au - Tue-Thu
  • Ps Brad Paterson (Associate Pastor) - brad@parkerville.net.au - Tue-Thu
  • Ps Rowan du Boulay (Discipleship Pastor) - rowan@parkerville.net.au - Tue-Wed
  • Deanne Garnett (Business Manager) - deanne@parkerville.net.au - Tue-Thu
  • Kris Gibson (Admin Assistant) - kris@parkerville.net.au - Tue (Parky Baptist), Thu (Parky Care)
  • Journey Groups - meeting remotely during the COVID19 isolation period
  • A variety of Journey Groups are available.
  • Ken Wadley: 0409 680 925

Altitude Young Adults Group (18yrs+)

  • Altitude Young Adults Group meets the last Sunday of every month - meeting remotely during the COVID19 isolation period
  • Brad Paterson: 0428 471 195
  • Savannah Inouye: 0487 804 906

C.A.F.E. (Coffee And Friendship Etc!)

  • C.A.F.E. meets @ the Church during school terms - in recess during the COVID19 isolation period
  • Tuesdays 9.30-11.30am
  • Tuesdays 7-9.30pm
  • Thursdays 9-12noon (creche available)
  • Yvonne Claessens: 0417 172 315
  • Toddler Jam meets @ the Church during school terms - in recess during the COVID19 isolation period
  • Wednesdays 9.30-11.00am & 1.00-2.30pm
  • Kristie Gibson: 0417 958 252
  • Youth Group meets @ the Church during school terms - meeting online during the COVID19 isolation period
  • Years 7-12
  • Fridays 7.30-8.30pm
  • Brad Paterson: 0428 471 195
  • Caleb Terranova: 0459 042 771
  • Blokes meets @ the Church gravel pit - meeting online during the COVID19 isolation period
  • One Monday a month @7.30pm
  • Brad Paterson: 0428 471 195
  • Craig Lydon: 0427 979 710

Sunday Children & Youth Activities - in recess during the COVID19 isolation period

Go to our website parkerville.church/children for online and printable resources.

Parents’ Room - available for young children supervised by a guardian

Crèche - available for toddlers 6 months-4yrs from 9.20am at the west end of the Church Building

Parky Kids Ministry - Available for all primary school aged children at the west end of the Church Building. Starts in the main church auditorium @9.30am, then kids go out into their groups with leaders: Possums (Kindy-Yr 1); Trailblazers (Yrs 2-4); DTeam (Yrs 5-6). Alternative activities available during school holidays.

Youth - Explorers (Years 7-10) On during the message in the Youth Shed, takes a break for school holidays

Services: online Sundays during the COVID19 isolation period


910 Seaborne Street, Parkerville

Office: 9295 6789


web - parkerville.church

Thanks to Aussie Broadband for their sponsorship of Parky's NBN!!