Yiyi Ku Piano Studio Spring newsletter 2017

Temecula Young Artist Piano Competition

Temecula Young Artist Piano Competition 4th-6th Grade (4 winners from our studio!)

Our students did so well in the Temecula Young Artist Piano Competition this year! In the 4th-6th Grade Division our students won First Place: Emma Erickson, Second Place: Shania Jin, Third Place: Ally, and Honorable Mention: Lily Corse.

Temecula Young Artist Piano Competition 7th-9th Grade (4 winners from our studio!)
  • In the 7th-9th Grade Division, our students won First Place: Hudson Erickson, Second Place: Cheryl Tan, Honorable Mentions: Claire Howard and Hunter Erickson.
  • In the 10th-12th Grade Division Meijke Balay-Mickelson won Third Place.
  • The following students also participated in the competitions and performed extremely well: Alexa Willis, Gabby Pryce, Lucas Schaefer, and Francis Saspa.

Our students did extremely well at this year's Southern California Junior Bach Festival.

  • 7 Branch Winners - Kaitlyn Hetsko, Ally, Alexa Willis, Charmaine Tan, Emma Erickson, Hudson Erickson, and Meijke Balay-Mickelson
  • 3 Alternates - Lucas Schaefer, Gabby Pryce, and Lily Corse
  • Honorable Mention - Jeffrey Kim
  • The following students also participated: Elsa Long and Victoria Yee
  • On May 7 the winners performed at the Regional competition at La Sierra University and we have two students moving on to the final Complete Works Audition: Emma and Ally!

Certificate of Merit

We had another successful year at MTAC Certificate Of Merit exam this year. 28 students earned their certificates, and we had 24 Branch Honors! Congratulations to all!

  • Level 1 Branch Honors: Kristen Law, Sophia Fontes
  • Level 2 Branch Honors: Boah Jin, Nadia Cioffi, Chloe Tan,
  • Level 2: Payton Lucas
  • Level 3 Branch Honors: Steven Zhang, Abigail Phan
  • Level 4 Branch Honors: Ethan Phan
  • Level 5 Branch Honors: Seth Thomas, Francis Saspa, Lily Corse, Elsa Long, Cameron Chang, Samantha Estrada, Bo Rui Zhang
  • Level 6 Branch Honors: Emma Erickson, Shania Jin, Ally, Kaitlyn Hetsko
  • Level 6: Chanelle Tan
  • Level 7 Branch Honors: Fiona Harley, Cheryl Tan, Alexa Willis
  • Level 7: Charmaine Tan, Hudson Erickson
  • Level 8 Branch Honors: Hunter Erickson, Rachel Hong

Inland Empire Piano Competition

  • Lucas Schaefer: 3rd Place
  • Emma Erickson: 2nd Place
  • Ally: 3rd Place
  • Shania Jin: Honorable Mention
  • Jeffrey Kim: Honorable Mention
  • Claire Howard and Hunter Erickson also participated and performed beautifully!

Mozart Birthday Recital

On Jan 27 our studio was invited by Temecula City Community Services to present a recital to celebrate Mozart's birthday. We had a record turn out, the library was completely packed, they had to get out extra chairs and lots of people were standing at the back of the room. This was the third year in a row we were invited to present this special recital for the community. The city took professional pictures which can be viewed and purchased here:

Royal Conservatory Music Development Program

Congratulations to the following students that did their RCM exam in the Spring Session. They all received First Class Honors!

  • Lucas Schaefer - Level 4
  • Elsa Long - Level 6
  • Claire Howard - Level 6
  • Jeffrey Kim - Level 9


  • Emma Erickson - Emma competed in the Junior division of the Riverside Steinway Society Competition in March and was a Scholarship Winner.
  • Ally - Ally competed in the American Protege International Competition and received Honorable Mention. Ally was invited to perform in Carnegie Hall in April.
  • Jeffrey Kim - Jeffrey was selected to represent Murrieta Rotary Club to compete in the Rotary Club Regional Music Competition.
  • Rachel Hong - Rachel has been accepted into Andover Summer at Phillips Academy Andover, a prestigious summer school.
  • Fiona Harley - Fiona was awarded Marian Huhn Memorial Award from the California Junior Scholarship Federation. The award recognizes middle school students for their academic excellence and service to the school and community.
  • Meijke Balay-Mickelson - Meijke received 3rd Place in the Murrieta Rotary Club Music Competition. Meijke is a graduating senior and will present a Senior Graduation Recital on June 17. Meijke will be attending UCLA.
  • Andrew Tang - Andrew was an award-winning former student who founded the Riverside Young Musicians Club. I have been his club advisor and mentor. I wrote him a letter of recommendation for college application and Andrew has been accepted into Stanford University.

Happy Students Book club

These students completed their books!

See you at our Studio Recital!

June 17, 1:30pm

Grace Presbyterian Church Temecula

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