Merica Braeden Hibdon

Politics: The governmental system is a democracy and there are 13 states. Each state has their own state government and the capital is in state No. 1. The states hold most of the power therefore the people hold the power.

Economics: The currency is UD, United Dollars.

Religion: The religion in Merica is mostly Christian with some catholicity.

Social Structure: The social structure is ranked in 3 categories, high class, low class, and middle class.

Arts/Entertainment: There are many different things that people do for entertainment. People enjoy customizing and racing cars, traveling, dancing, singing...etc.


Created with images by free pictures of money - "Money" • Luca Venturi Oslo - "Old car" • markusthomasde - "vehicle chrome technology" • Unsplash - "concert performance audience" • Simon Shek - "Car" • allisonmseward12 - "Music 9" • - "Back of the mechanic's garage"

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