Digestive system By whyett markey

You mouth is where you chew your food here
Your salivary glands produce saliva
Saliva helps soften food so it can be swallowed more easily
When you sallow the food travels through your Esophagus (throat) and goes to your stomach
Peristalsis is the involuntary contraction of muscles to help to move food
Your stomach is the organ releases acids and juices that mix with food and create a paste
The small intestine is where the most digestion and absorption
An enzyme is a protein that regulates chemical reactions
The liver is Allan's that secretes bike to help break down fats, maintain blood sugar levels and filter poisons
Your pancreas is the gland that produce both digestive enzymes and insulin
The large intestine is where the undirected food is prepared to be eliminated from the body. When full it contracts and the solid waste leaves the body
The rectum is the lower end of Tulare intestine that stores wastes temporarily
The anus is the opening to the outside of the body at the wand of the rectum
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