Movies The good, the bad, and the really (really) ugly

Some movies are pure genius; they have the capability to leave the audience captivated, feeling so many intense emotions about what has just played out in front of them. Some movies are truly a work of art, and are sure to go down in history as such.

Some movies are, well, the exact opposite of that in every way. They are so poorly planned out and/or put together, and the audience just has to wonder: "how in the hell did this even end up in a movie theater?

Here I am, offering up my two cents on the subject. Not because anyone was curious, but just because.

In my opinion, one of the greatest movies of all time, and one of my absolute favorites, is Dead Poets Society. Robin Williams' character was incredibly inspiring to me, especially when I watched the movie for the first time when I was still in high school. The movie showed two ends of a spectrum in such a way that I honestly didn't expect. While these students were being taught by their instructor that they should always go after their dreams, even if it isn't what is expected of them. However, it also delves into the other side of this spectrum, where some kids just don't have the freedom to truly be themselves because they feel such an intense pressure on them from their families, friends, and associates. The story's end, though tragic, still ends up beautifully portraying these two opposing thought processes.

Also in my opinion, one of the most foul movies to ever grace the big screen has got to be Bee Movie. This movie was so bad that it was all anyone could talk about throughout 2016. There were so many things that were bad about this movie. A woman falls in love with a bee? A woman leaves her boyfriend because she falls in love with a bee. A bee sues the human race. Said bee wins this suit. Said bee pretty much sparks the beginning of the end of the world. Yeah, this movie was quite honestly the dictionary definition of a shit-show. It is no wonder it became one of the greatest memes of all times. A disgrace to bees and humanity alike.

Thus concludes my opinions on the good and the bad that have graced our television screens.

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