School in New Zealand Gracie Sunderman

New Zealand vs. United States

There are many types of education systems in the world, with each one different in many ways, but what is New Zealand school like compared to that of the United States?

Cost of School

Believe it or not, New Zealand's education system isn't too different from that of the United States. In New Zealand, all public primary and secondary school is free, except for the suggested school fee that is voluntary, but it would really help out the schools

Who gets to go to school?

Every citizen of New Zealand gets the opportunity to get a good education, just like the United States. Something that is different from the United States is the ages that children begin school. A child in New Zealand can begin early schooling, also known as preschool in the United States, from birth to 6 years old. In comparison, the United States offers preschool to children anywhere from the age of 2 1/2 to 5 years old. Primary and secondary schooling in New Zealand, which is similar to elementary, middle, ad high school in the United States, can begin at age 5 and end at age 19.Although, the compulsory years of schooling go from age 6 to age 16. The average student stays in school until age 17. In New Zealand 16+ years is considered further schooling outside of mandatory school.

A New Zealand native bird, the Kiwi

Hours of a School Day

Even though there are different time zones all around the world, children in New Zealand still get approximately 7 hours of schooling each day. A school day will begin either around 8:00 am. or 9:00 am.,depending on where you live, and most end at 3.00 pm. Recess in New Zealand is offered between ages 6-12, which is about the same as the United states.

A Day in the Life of the Average Student

Here is an awesome website that I found that is interactive. It shows the average student, or child's, typical day.

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