Mercedes VS. Audi Two top ranking cars

Mercedes is known for it's wide variety of cars. Mercedes has sedans, SUV's as well as trucks.

Audi has a variety of sedans and SUV's but lacks the trucks that mercedes has.

Mercedes most popular car is the C300. This car is relatively affordable at $38,450. Mercedes can be found almost anywhere in the world and has a great reputation.

Audi's most popular car is the A4. This car starts at a relatively affordable price at $34,900. Audi is also popular amongst the world and has a great reputation.

Most mercedes cars never lack speed or efficiency. They constantly come out with new technology which keep customers loyal and always coming back for more

Like Mercedes, Audi never disappoints. All the cars are just as fast and efficient but what a big turning point with Audi was there addition of Apple connect which may appeal to many people in the market for these kinds of cars.

Mercedes does have its weakness such as their prices and their lack of appeal compared to Honda or Toyota.

Audi has the same problems when it comes to price and appeal. Unlike Mercedes spotless record, Audi has had trouble with recalls.

These two companies share the same opportunities such as the emerging markets in Asia and their abilities to implement green technology.

These cars face a threat from each other being two of the top German car companies. They face the same threat of certain countries economic situations as well as more government regulations towards becoming more green.

In the end, Mercedes is the best choice due to its almost perfect record with not many recalls and ability to make a more appealing car to the public.

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Nicholas Ventouris


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