The Silmarillion

The Silmarillion was a book written on the famous trilogy of the lord of the rings and the critically acclaimed Hobbit. This book, was published in 1977 and was the last of the 5 books to be released. The lord of the rings, the hobbit and the silmarillion have collectively sold over 150,000,000 copies. They have been translated into 38 different languages. This is the story of the first and second age of middle earth. Many different stories befall the many characters in this story and many die before the end in blood and war. However it gives someone in depth lore on the Tolkien universe and teaches people how the story of The Lord Of The Rings and the Hobbit came to be. This book is written in a form of old English which is quite complicated to read. One of the many stories of the Silmarillion include Beren and Luthien. Beren was of the house of Beor, the first to come over the blue mountains. Luthien was an elf of the house of King Luthien and Queen Melian and was supposed to be the most beautiful of the Children of Illuvatar. Normally Men and Elves aren't supposed to mix. However when Beren and Luthien firts met, they immediately fell in love. However knowing fully well that men and elves were not supposed to mix she evaded him. However he would not be strayed. He followed her until he came across the kingdom of King Thingol. He then revealed himself as being part of the family of Beor. He carried a ring which had been given to his father by Finrod. He bore this ring to show that he was respectable. He then wanted to marry Luthien. However Fingolin would not have it. He said that he would give his daughters hand if Beren could retrieve a Silmaril form the iron crown of Morgoth. This was thought to be impossible and made Luthine grieve. However he got it with the help off Luthien and they married

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