The Steel Virus By kaleb

After years of dedicated study, we have created a beneficial virus, that is capable of taking down the most powerful health-threatening viruses. We named it The Steel Virus! The Steel Virus is made up of numerous viruses. It's controlled as a newfound part of the immune system, and reacts when it detects an intruder.

Here is a picture.

Our first patient was an HIV patient named I.L. (his initials). He was slowly dying, and would soon be dead. We asked him if he wanted to try out this experiment, and that it was his last chance. He agreed.

Our patient

We got a sample of TSV, and injected it with the doctor's permission. We monitored his bloodstream, behaviors and symptoms. He started off by slowly closing his eyes. He went unconscious, but after about an hour, he awoke. He said that he felt different. We quickly grabbed a blood sample. Then another. Yet another. Every single sample we found was free of HIV. The only virus we found was a single sample of TSV.

After this initial success, we expanded our clinical trial. After selecting an additional ten patients, we were proud to see that all of our patients survived. In fact, the appear to be invincible to all viruses.

Here he is today

We found through further testing that TSV is unable to replicate. However, it's incredibly powerful against enemies. If it becomes weak, a cell can dedicate power to it. This most likely results in the cell dying, and always has TSV repelling the enemy. This is similar to B cells, dedicating power to create antibodies.

You may be wondering why TSV didn't instantly kill our first patient, as it even had microscopic samples of HIV. It survives by realizing that it has to keep its host alive. It cannot spread naturally, so if the carrier dies, the virus dies. It knows it has to keep the human alive, so it decides to fight every enemy it finds. This is why we think TSV will be able to fight cancer and bacteria, because it is smarter than other microscopic things, like the other viruses. This is what any successful parasite would want to do, protect its host.

A scientist studies TSV fighting other viruses.


Created with images by National Eye Institute - "Observing through a Microscope"

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