The Crossword Tucker Henderson

The crossword puzzle, was created by Arthur Wynne in 1913 to put in the 'fun' section of the New York World newspaper. There was some demand for the fun section in New York World, making this a good decision.

Crosswords are made so that you fill in a white 'line' of boxes with letters to make a word that corresponds with the hints given. It is easy for people to do, all it requires a crossword and a writing utencil.
Crosswords now can be made into different shapes, and are only known by one number instead of two. Crosswords are still used often. Crossword books are even made for people who enjoy crosswords.
Arthur Wynne had been working for the New York World newspaper at the time, and had introduced the first crossword to increase sales of the magazine.
The crossword was first named word-cross but it was put in as crossword because of a typo. It has been known as crossword ever since.

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