Uniforms in Frederick County Public Schools

If public schools were to add uniforms, students would learn a great deal about respecting themselves and others. Through the addition of a more professional uniform, young children will learn to care and love for others instead of putting others down.

Many times, students in schools focus more on what they or others are wearing instead of the schoolwork. By creating a uniform where distractions are limited, students will progress greatly in their academic learning. The students will also see each other as equals no matter what their financial class may be.

Students will also grow up learning that what they wear and how much money they have does not define who they are. By giving students a uniform to wear for the majority of their day, they will feel more empowered and confident that they fit into society. By doing so, these students will find themselves to be happier and will try harder on their schoolwork.

When children realize that they are important to society and do have a reason for being at school, their idea of teachers will change. Instead of seeing teachers as disciplinary figures, the students will see them as guides that will teach them through life. By changing this view of teachers, students will learn to care and respect them.

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Savannah Schaefer


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