Harn Museum of Art by: Skylar Wilson

The medium of the art greatly contributes to the art. This piece (Eighteen Light Pond Lily Lamp composed by Louis Comfort Tiffany) caught my attention, as it's use of light is very different from the average sculpture. The lights in this case seem to represent the light and beauty in nature, which would not have been expressed in the same way without the medium.
The layout of the Harn Museum guides the experience of the visitor by laying out the museum by thematic ideas. Pictured above is a wing of the museum about feminism and women artists. This wing was incredibly important to me as a female artist, it raised a lot of concerns that many people would not even consider. It was especially powerful as it was on of the first wings when you enter the museum, giving it additional attention.
The artwork in the Harn Museum I felt appealed strongly to the idea of womanhood and how it relates to family values. These two photographs represent the relationship between women and their children, and how this affects society as a whole. I felt that these two images as well as many others on the topic of womanhood displayed a vulnerability in women, yet still was a vehicle of empowerment for women and their relationship with their children.
The Good Life theme resonated strongly in the wings of the museum focused on artwork from different cultures. Whether an artists resides in Mexico or Korea, art is promoting a unity in all of humanity. We can appreciate their art and form a community around it, regardless of if we are from the same culture or not. This unity in art allows us to transcend national borders, ethnicities, and language barriers; to allow us all to realize that we are undergoing the same human experience.

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