Responsibility Estefania Gonzalez, Elizabeth Harwood, and Gisselle Garcia Period 4

Do what you need to do, and take action of what you are going to do.
Creates a good impression of yourself to others. Makes things smoother. Shows what you are capable of handling. Take hold of effects that are being made in an issue. They know what needs to be done and they do it.
Brad Pitt founded Make It Right to build 150 affordable, green storm resistant homes for families affected by Hurricane Katrina. Steel, Adam. "Celebrity Responsibility." The Huffington Post., 11 Apr. 2011. Web. 29 Mar. 2017. <>.
You show your weak. No one will trust you. Everything will be chaos and complicated. Nothing will get done. Won't trust in yourself either.
The objective is how to be responsible. Materials needed are poster and markers. You gather the students together, then you state the importance of being a responsible person. Tell them what are the ideas to them of a responsible person. Then you write them down and have them color and label the poster.
Noam Chomsky states in the article, IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY of intellectuals to speak the truth and to expose lies. <>.
1. A responsibility we take is waking up every day by ourselves to arrive on time to school. 2. Getting your work done on the right time and not procrastinating. 3. Duties at home. 4. You have to be responsible on you. 5. Be respectful and being able to control yourself in hard situations.

The video was about taking responsibility means making decisions, taking action, setting high standards, learning from our mistakes and always doing what we say. <>.


1. Q: In what ways do you show responsibility?

A: I always accept the responsibility for my mistakes and learn from them.

2. Q: Is there somebody you know who is very responsible. How does that person demonstrate responsibility? Does that make you respect him or her as a person?

A: I would have to say my mom. She is the most responsible person I know and I definitely respect her for that and for so many more others great characteristics. My mom demonstrates responsibility by always getting her important priorities done on time. She completes them without hesitation and always gets them done no matter what.

3. Q: What does being responsible have to do with the quality of your character?

A: Being responsible just shows how mature you are and that you are capable of being trusted by the people around you. If you do not have responsibility as a character trait than your life would be pretty messy.

Responsibility it is your life, take control and do what you are supposed to do.
Overall, this is your life and you are responsible for it. You need to follow through with all your responsibilities because other people rely on you and this makes your reputation.You can choose to be lazy, unmotivated, unsuccessful or you can be responsible and do what you need to get done.


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