Saint Joseph of Cupertino Patron saint of airTravlers

His feast day is on September 18 and he is the patron saint of Aviators, Flying, Studying, and those suffering mental handicaps

A interesting fact is that one day while he was giving mass he started to levitate off the ground and he did thins many times through his life while either giving mass or praying. He had a great love for god and although having many temptations in his life never gave in.

He has a school in Cupertino California. He was beatified By Pope Benedict XIV in 1753. He was Canonized by Pope Clement XIII in 1767

A pray to be: through intersection with st Joseph of Cupertino, I pray for those who need help and I pray for my ability and the strength you have given me to live my life, Lord help me be safe in my travels and productive in my studies. Amen

I go my information from and I have neither given nor received unauthorized help on this assignment

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Shelby Langen

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