Enhance Spark Projects with Premiere Rush with Erin Raethke - AEL and Online Learning and Media Developer

Sample assets are available for you to experiment with in this presentation.

Spark is great to make content, fast.

The tools available in Spark Post and Spark Video are simple and accessible for all levels of digital confidence.

However - simple in this context can also mean limited.

What if:

  • there is a big difference in the audio volume between two video clips you want to use
  • You want to add a video clip that is longer than 30 seconds, or speed up a clip
  • you want to create pointers or overlays in your video
  • you need to 'clean up' your voice over as it was recorded on multiple devices/has weird distortion from recording on the web.

Adobe Premiere Rush allows you to expand your creativity!

Start by working with what is familiar to build your confidence.

Remember, Spark assets can be used really creatively when added to a Rush/Premiere Pro project... just like video footage edited in Rush can be added to a Spark project!

Part 1: Audio volume difference between clips

You start a Spark video project on your phone, and take it as far as you can go with the teeny, tiny screen.

You have recorded a video clip of you talking straight into the camera, and have also added narration over an image of an icon and some text.

You watch the project back before you plan to share it and... NO. NO. NO. NO. The video of you talking into the camera sounds fine. The voice over starts off quietly, but builds up until it nearly blows your head off it is so loud. You rip your headphones off - you can't share this as is!


Part 2: Add a video clip that is longer than 30 seconds

Adobe Spark video can do a lot of things... adding a video clip longer than 30 seconds, or speeding up a video clip, is not amongst them.

Sure, you can add the clip to two different slides, and try to match them up as close as you can. You can try to find a natural break in the footage and use this to transition between clips, making it look like adding some text or the transition was a natural choice.

Spark will force you to make a cut. Premiere Rush will not. Rush will even let you speed up the clip, which is great, especially where you are doing a software demo with load screens!


Part 3: Create pointers or overlays in your video

What if your video contains a software demonstration?

In Spark, you can zoom in for the duration of the clip. You can add text next to the video to explain what the viewer should focus on. Isn't it sometimes easier just to have a nice, clear arrow point at what you want them to see?

Premiere Rush allows you to do just that.


Part 4: 'Clean up' your voiceover

Consistency is king.

How many times have you started a project at one location, then picked it up at another?

Later, you discover that the sound quality, volume or echo in one clip is vastly different between clips. Maybe it picked up your dog barking in the background that spoils an otherwise PERFECT clip. The audio is a part of the video now...

Do you film the video segment again, or try to repeat what WAS a perfect voice over clip? Nope! Move your project over to Adobe Rush, and let it do the heavy lifting for you.

Created By
Erin Raethke


Created with images by Bokskapet - "video production headphones lavalier" • Pexels - "audio close-up electricity" • Joshua_Willson - "clapper board clapper movie" • geralt - "arrow books hand" • RyanMcGuire - "speak talk microphone"