John Desnoyers Favorite science labs By john desnoyers

My Favorite thing ive done is when we launched a rocket into the air in our groups that we shared the rocket with.

What the rockets can look like

This was my favorite because you got to see how rockets launch and you got to get the rockets ready like your assembling the rockets. Plus it gives you a mind picture of how space rockets move while in air, but the rocket couldnt go as high as a real rocket since it is a rocket not used for real launch tests but for education. And we also made our own rockets and launched them using air from a tube and a soda bottle you use for on with your foot to make air push up the rocket.

I also like the new boat project we had where we made our own boats and we sailed them our group got 20 first time and 17.38 and then 18.45 which are really good results we made our boat out of a straw, paper, cardboard, lots of tape, and I learned that even the simplest of boats can get fast times like someone had just a cut out bottle and got 7 seconds!


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