PhotoshopWorld East 2019 ORLANDO, FLORIDA

It just so rocked!

I know, I always say that, but there's something special that happens at Photoshop World, and I don't know if it's the combination of instructors, or the classes, or the awesome creative people that attend, but when it all comes together, it's like magic. I had people coming up to me telling me they had been to dozens of conferences in their careers, and hands down this one topped them all. People were just over-the-top about their experience, and people where at this conference in Orlando, already signing up to join us in Las Vegas in August (the 21 - 23) on day one. It was crazy and I love it! Here's a quick look at last week's Orlando conference, and the awesome instructors, crew, and participants that made it happen.

A shot from opening keynote that kicks off the three-day conference on Thursday morning. .
A special appearance by Karate Drill team "Taka" helped kick off the keynote.
This year's keynote speaker was Adobe Worldwide Design and Photography Evangelist Terry White, and along with Adobe's Bryan O'Neal Hughes, Mat Hayward, and guest artist Victoria Pavlov, they delivered one of the best Photoshop World keynotes ever! My hats off them. :)
That's me during the live shoot section of my "Just One Flash" class, assisted by Julio Aguilar. Model: Hede Nassir.
Smokin' lead guitar Tony Llanes during the attendee party, performing with "Big Electric Cat"
Larry Becker, the most awesome host anywhere.

A totally kick-butt keynote

10:00 AM Thursday Morning — after the opening movie, and a very cool karate drill set to music from the martial arts/dance group "Taka," I came out to welcome the crowd. We showed a blooper reel from the making of our movie, then I gave a short presentation to kick off our 20th year of Photoshop World.

This year's keynote speaker was Adobe Worldwide Design and Photography Evangelist Terry White, and along with Adobe's Bryan O'Neal Hughes, Mat Hayward, and guest artist Victoria Pavlov, they delivered one of the best Photoshop World keynotes ever! They uncovered a lot of things a lot of folks don't know about Photoshop, Lightroom, Adobe Stock, and Lightroom Mobile — it's those things that are so awesome, but mostly unknown, and it opened a lot of folks eyes. I heard so many great comments from the crowd after Adobe's presentation. They totally dug it (and Terry was just fantastic, as always).

Just giving a quick welcome to the crowd as we kick things off.
Adobe's Mat Hayward on stage during the Keynote.
Awesome digital artist Victoria Pavlov wows the crowd with her watercolor painting techniques in Photoshop.

A Day in the Life of Photoshop World

Below: here's a look at a typical day during the conference including some shots from dog photography superstar Kaylee Greer from her dog photography pre-conference workshop, along with shots from Dave Blacks on location sports shoot, along with some shot of what it's like during the conference.

Lot and Lots and Lots of Learning

Making Friends and Kickin' Back After a Long Day

We start early and we end late, and that's why we all need time to kick back, meet new people, and have some fun. Here's a few shots from our Meet up and our Thursday night After Hours Party (that's my band, Big Electric Cat" playing at the party).

And yes, it is Madness!

There's nealry 100 classes at the conference, so we know how important some laughing and having fun after a long day of traning, and that's why we created "Midnight Madness." It's the most sought-after ticket at the conference, and it's free, but it's limited to just 200 peopole, but it's worth getting early and getting in line to snag one of those tickets to join us from 10:00 pm to Midnight, as we play Photoshop and photography-related games (with lots of cool prizes and giveaways), and it's…well…it's well named. Larry Becker is the host and I swear, that guy is just absolutely hiliarious. He's so quick witted, and such a great host, and the official Midnight Madness panel of Me, Terry and Dave Clayton are really just a minor sideshow, running music and wrangling prizes, while Larry rocks the house. It worth it just to see Larry in his element.

Larry Becker should not be allowed to own an AirZooka.

This Group of World Class Instructors Only Come Together Like This In One Place

OK, well two because we're doing a 2nd Photoshop World Conference this year in Las Vegas, August 23-25, 2019. But we'll be joined by more superstars like Moose Peterson, Matt Klowskowski, Frank Doorhof, amont others. Photoshopworld.com

Headshot Master Instructor Peter Hurley himself during one of his sessions!
Lindsay Adler on stage teaching creative fashion lighting.
If you're Canadian, raise your hand! (Dave Cross, "The Canadian Boss" in one of his sessions).
Kristina Sherk shares her portrait retouching techniques in one of her sessions.
All the way from Mumbai, India, it's Photoshop YouTube sensation Unmesh Dinda. Everybody loves Unmesh.
Sports photography legend Dave Black (L) checks out the shots from one of his students during his location shoot at an indoor skate boarding park. They had a blast out there, and got some really cool shots.
One of the most engaging, fun, and informative teachers; the star of TV's "Pupparazzi," Kaylee Greer, sharing how to take the very best dog photos ever!
Crowd favorite Glyn Dewis teaching his post processing techniques, and sharing shots from his veterans project.
Everybody loves the queen of family and children's photography, the wonderful Tracey Sweeney
Besides doing the opening keynote, Terry taught a number of classes each day on everything from Lightroom to Adobe Portfolio. One of the best teachers anywhere!
I taught four sessions at the conference, including two sessions on our Lightroom Training Track.
UK-based automotive and transportation photographer, the brilliant Tim Wallace. His sessions were standing room only once again, and his business advice is absolutely invaluable!
Stella Kramer — a real top pro magazine Photo Editor shares how to set-up and sequence your portfolio. Amazing teacher and person. So good!
British Superstar Dave Clayton sharing his favorite InDesign tips.
The wonderful Karen Hutton in one of her sessions.
I'm not sure anyone had more fun that Karen Hutton (her first time teaching with us at Photoshop World).
Photoshop Wizard Mark Heaps rocks the house!
Awesome digital artist Victoria Pavlov wasn't just in the keynote — she was teaching in the conference tracks as well.
Photoshop Compositing Ninja Bret Malley turns it on in his session.
We love to add new instructors, and Landscape photography guru Rami Kazemi was there sharing his landscape post-processing techniques. Really great stuff (and a great guy all the way around).
The "Art of Digital Photography" panel poses for a group shot.
Adobe had their own theater in our Partner Pavilion and they were packing them in! That's Mat Hayward on stage.

The Partner Pavilion always has something fun going on

There's three theaters with free classes going on (including Adobe's own theater), plus our favorite vendors and partners are there showing their latest stuff, (including B&H Photo), and we've set up shooting stations that are pre-lit and ready to go, often with live models, and complete scenes so you can practice with live models, studio lighting, and elaborate sets. Here's a quick look.

And it all wraps up with the Guru Awards ceremony

What a great way to end the conference, with a competition (with awesome prizes and trophies) and only the people right there at Photoshop World get to enter, and after that, we drawn names for a bunch of awesome prizes from our sponsors, including two conference passes to our West Coast Photoshop World conference coming up in August of this year. Best of all, it's hosted by Larry Becker, so you know it's an awful lot of fun.

Now that's happy! Winning a guru award has launched many people's career's, and we're proud and excited for all our Guru winners.

That's a wrap!

Thanks to all the awesome folks, who literally came from all over the world, thousands of miles away, just to be with us in Orlando; shut out the rest of the world, and just focus on being creative, learning, laughing, and making new friends. What an incredible three days.

A special thank you

I also want to thank three awesome creatives on my video crew who handled an incredible amount of video production, live event production, producing the opening keynote movie, and so much more, and did it all with a smile and a great attitude. My thanks to our Producer Christina Sauer (above center); and our video superstars Jason Stevens (above left) and Juan "Magic Juan" Alfonso (Right). They kicked some major butt, and I'm so proud of them.

Mega big thanks to our incredible conference Director, Julie Stephenson. You did it again, Jules! :)
To our VP of Operations, Erik Kuna whose hands were all over making this such a great event.

Many thanks to my assistant Jeanne Jilleba who helped Julie and me every step of the way. A shout out to my registration team on site (Dianne and Levi) and Sally back at HQ. Thanks to Margie and Angela, our graphics wizards for helping to giving the show it's awesome look. Thanks to Rachel for helping spread the word, and then capturing the event live. Thanks to the wonderful Jean A, Karen and Pam for keeping the ship running smooth. Thanks to Viktor and Ron, and all our awesome on-site moderators who are such pros (Jeff, Randy, Dave, Rob and Randall). Thanks to Gilmar and Mark for raising the creativity bar once again. We love you guys! Kathy Porupski — you are the best! Thanks to Sharma and Julio, and thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make this event a success from start to finish.

Thank You Adobe!

Thanks to the awesome Kathy Scibetta for all her support, ideas and input. Thanks to Terry White, Mat Hayward and Bryan O'Neal Hughes. It's such an honor to have Adobe at our event, and even more that they're all such talented, fun, genunine people that make it a joy to work with them.

Thanks For Letting Me Share My Photoshop World Story With You!

Photos by one of the most awesome photographers ever to cover an event: Mr. Brad Moore. You can contact him at bmoorevisuals.com

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Scott Kelby


Photos by Brad Moore

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