The Age of Exploration By: Chandler Clark, Mr. Meninga, 2B world History 03/17/17

The Triangular Trade

The triangular trade was a passage used for trading. The trading routes made a triangle, that is why it is called the Triangular trade. One of the things that caused this is called mercantilism. Mercantilism was when a system or country that tries to amass wealth through trade with the other colonies/countries. Another thing that helped cause this was something called the middle passage. The middle passage was a passage that was created to trade African slaves. Another reason this was created was because they also wanted to trade raw materials.

Some effects from the middle passage were that the Europeans were benefited from all the goods. They were benefited in wealth, material, and land. Other effects were things such as diseases. These diseases were passed through the trade of African slaves. They were passed when they would trade the slaves through the Middle Passage. One other effect was the spices. The spices in this trade were spread throughout the world. If that didn't happen, who would know if there were such things called spices.

Portuguese Exploration

Portuguese Exploration was caused from people looking for spices. It was also caused by something called the Prince Henry Sponsorship. Which this Prince Henry Sponsorship was where he basically payed for someones adventure. The reason he did that was because it sounded like a good idea to him, that it would also make him wealthier, and have more land. Another thing was they were searching for a route from Africa to India. They wanted this new route so that they wouldn't have to travel across and. That they would then be able to travel to India by sea

Some effects were Ferdinand Magellan. Ferdinand was a Portuguese Explorer. He ended up organizing the Spanish Expedition to the East Indies from 1519-1522. Which that expedition ended up with him being the first one to circle the globe. Another one would be Vasco de Gama. He was also a Portuguese Explorer. He ended up accomplishing a major thing in history. He was the first one to reach India by sea. He reached India by sea in 1498. Another long term effect was that all this exploring expanded their wealth and power.

Christopher Columbus

What caused Christopher Columbus to do what he did was he had "found a shortcut" to the spice Islands. Another big thing was that he got financed by Spain. He got financed by basically going up to them and say that he found a shortcut to the spice islands which would help them expand their wealth and power. Another things that helped him was that he personally wanted more wealth and power.

Some effects that Columbus left was some major ones. One of them was that he had discovered the Americas, such as North and South America. Another effect was all the resources he had gained just made Europe stronger and more wealthier. He also effected people by dying without know he had discovered new worlds. That he discovered places and never told any one.

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